Friday, February 24, 2006

Still Figuring It Out

Okay, those who don't know me might think my last post was serious.  It wasn't; I think laughing and joking about stereotypes is a good way to address and recognize that they're just generalizations and, ironically, generally not true.

Plus they make good fodder for jokes.  At appropriate times and places with the appropriate people (in other words, your friends).  It was easy for me to learn growing up in the melting pot that is New York City.  I found it shows me how confident (and sensitive) people are about themselves.

That said, I'm equally likely to throw out stereotypical Asian jokes.  Last night at the bar:

Me: "I think I'm going to start rocking bow ties."
Friend: "Do you even know how to tie one?!"
Me: "Do I know?!  Hello!  We people invented origami!"

Nail salons, dry cleaners, eating dogs, having a small penis; I've heard it all (probably coming from my own mouth); that's because I know what the real deal is.  And I revel in the fact I know exactly what my uncle put in your kung pow chicken and moo shu pork.  :)

And since I'm on the subject of rac.. er.. natio.. um.. skin col.. eh.. different people, watch this hilarious video about inter-different couples by these guys.


GrooveTheory said...

Oh please Jason! This follow-up post is really unnecessary. It was pretty clear that the previous post was in jest. Poking fun at culture and stereotypes has been on comedy central's agenda for ages.

And besides, how can you accuse an Asian guy as racist? We're just way too busy to make ourselves more smarter, right?

Jon said...

Chinese didn't invent origami, dipshit :-P

But, thanks for the noodles and gun powder

Jess said...

That video is adorable (as is the star).

Robert said...

Oh yeah, I throw 'em jokes often times, but only among good friends. But I think it's still kinda bad, but I never said I was good.

Oh and the guy from the video is cute, cute, cute!!! And I like this shirt, too. heh!

Deviant said...

HAha did you get some slack Jase? Don't worry, I can speak for Jase when I say he and I both make fun of and hate all races and shades of color equally...

...especially niggers though.