Friday, February 17, 2006

VD Reviewed

Tuesday, with my boopy being out of town, I went to the anniversary show of WYSIWYG's Worst. Sex. Ever. with him (and saw him there too!).  3 years, wow.  Congrats!  [check out their rundown of the night]

It was hilarious! (Most of it, anyway.  Meow!)  At times I had to stop peeking over my shoulder at the cute guy two rows behind me because of the chest palpatations I had from laughing.  Almost makes me happy that I haven't had any bad sexual encounters... or have I?

And now, the ratings!

  • Desiree Burch (5/5 stars):  Had me crack-a-lackin' laughing from beginning to end.  She seemed to be on fast-forward (trying to condense her 15 min piece to the 10 min time allowance) as she took us down ex-boyfriend lane, but all it did was make me (and everyone else) laugh harder.  Bravo!
  • Emily DePrang (4/5 stars):  OMG, you delicious but broke-ass lesbian; I can't believe you whored yourself out on craig's list!  And for $60 ($53 if you subtract the cab-fare)?
  • Todd Levin (4/5 stars):  Cute.  Funny.  Amazingly talented (just look at his resume).  Performance was flawless with great dialogue in the skits.  Ran way over, so I'm taking a star away.
  • The Assimilated Negro (3/5 stars):  Drugs, sex, and the battle between light and dark - what more can we ask for in bad sex? Maybe a rap or two?  Next time TAN, next time.
  • Greg Walloch (3/5 stars):  Great bad sex material. I'll have to pencil in your next appearances.
  • Hanne Blank (3/5 stars):  Started off slow, but once she got going, it wasn't just her that got all wet.  Seen her do better material.
  • John "Jonno" d'Addario (3/5 stars):  Told the story of trying to have sex with a drugged-out model he picked up at the corner deli: funny cause we've all been through that, too.  Right?
  • Audacia Ray (2/5 stars):  Had some good material; delivery could have been better.  Had some laughs, but was more 'woe is me' than 'laugh at me'.

After chatting up Chris (5/5 stars - i <3 u), I made off with a cupcake (3/5 stars) to Romanticide (3/5 stars) at Soho 323, where Amnesia (4/5 stars - what's up with the bowl haircut?) was showcasing two of his works. Here's how it broke down:

  • Entertainment: Animated Coochie Wonders (4/5 stars):  You guys totally rocked the Golden Girls theme song.
  • Crowd (3/5 stars):  Slightly pretentious.  But props cause you let Amnesia write on some of you.
  • Open Bar (1/5 stars):  What do you mean cheap vodka only?
  • Art (?/5 stars):  After 3 drinks, they all looked like Monets.

And there you have it!  I'm going to make up for VD by heading up to Beantown (with few of my NSFW new best friends).  Have a great weekend y'all!


Steve said...

Glad you had a great VD. Will you be checking your new friends, or will they be traveling with you? Have a great weekend, Jase.

Jon said...

Who knew VD could be fun?

GrooveTheory said...

Fabulous VD! Love it! I give your VD 5/5 ;)