Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Suspending Disbelief

Thanks to my boopy and Netflix, I had the first disc of Alias Season 1. It would be a great night in; cooking dinner and watching some serious girl-spy butt-kicking. After having some amazing pasta and meat sauce, the roommate and I retreated to the living room and popped in the DVD. I was thoroughly enjoying myself until about half way through the first episode. Read more [+/-]

Him: "Oh, that is so unbelieveable."

That is the first statement that started my roommate's tirade against the super-spy Sydney Bristow show. He claimed there were too many plot holes and wondered if they had hired any experts check for them.

Him: "Oh my god, gas can't blow up like that! It was going for 30 seconds!"
Me: "It's the tank that blew up!"
Him: "Yea right! The guys were shooting nowhere near the tank."
Me: "They were shooting at the pipeline that carried the gas!"
Him: "Well, that's not enough gas to make that kind of explosion."

He is middle eastern after all; and we know they're all experts in pyrotechnics. But this seemed to be his final straw:

Him: "How could they just let her in like that?"
Me: "Oh my god! Maybe because she was trying to win back their trust."
Him: "They could have done it smarter. Like detain her first. What if she had a bomb. Or if she went on a killing spree? I can't watch this."

I humored him (okay, I tried to convert him) and we debated for a while, but it was all in vain as no reason was good enough for him; he had made up his mind that he didn't like the show. Lucky for him he didn't say anything bad about Michael Vartan.

And like an overreacting Sydney talking to her astranged father, I sent him to his room and told him never to speak to me again (until the show was over). Personally, I think he doesn't like it when girls kick serious (guy) butt. I think it's a straight thing.


will said...

He understands it's a fictional TV show, right, and not a documentary? Some people seem a little confused about the difference. If it makes him feel any better, you can tell him I worked with the CIA on a couple projects in the past and it's EXACTLY like that, with exploding gas tanks and hot red-haired ladies in leather jumpsuits.

ramin said...

Oh my god. I can't read this blog anymore...

and its not because she's a girl kicking butt! cause she actually looks like an android boy with long hair, but thats besides the point.

its really because they try to make it into this serious show and it has all these plot holes and things that just don't make sense (to me, so hah!)

see, I like LOST. it has tons of plot holes and things that don't make sense, but that's the premise of the whole show. they know nothing makes sense, which is why you watch it and try to make sense of it. Alias on the other hand... i dunno. just didn't sit right with me.

pretty damn good pasta and meatsause though. Mmmmm :)

Robert said...

I saw her Elektra movie, and it sucked the big one.. .and not in a good way either. She was great, but the dumb ass plot...

Wayne said...

I'd f**K just to get to my Michael Vartan

Dantallion said...

Alias? What's Alias?

*ducks for cover*

Gurustu said...

So THAT'S what happened to Nancy Drew...

epicurist said...

I'll probably get hate mail for this, but I hate Alias and that skinny Jennifer whatever her name is.

By the way, have we ever seen a picture of your boopy?

TCho said...

Omg. Alias is my favorite show ever. I have all 4 seasons and I plan to buy Season 5 when it comes out!