Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend wrapup

On Wednesday, I wished him well (with a shot of Jager, of course) as he starts a new chapter in his life with a citrus state of mind.

On Thursday, he took me to Almost, Maine.  I liked it; it was cute.  And as it turned out, Jesse L. Martin was there; he was cute too.  (HA! Did you see that one coming from a mile away?)  Anyway, he's not as tall as I thought he'd be; I expected him to be of stature worthy of the NBA.

On Friday, I went to Rai Rai Ken for dinner with TribecaT after having a couple of drinks with some co-workers.  Hm.. I thought I'd have more to say about that.

On Saturday, I went to celebrate a wonderful friends' birthday at Romano's Macaroni Grill with 17 of her closest friends.  I'll first say that it was great to see people I haven't seen in a while, but I am never doing that again.

I didn't mind having only one waiter (who seemed to be under the influence of drugs) or having so much people it was nearly impossible to talk to people on the other side of the table, but having to supplement the waiter's tip because some people were too cheap (or inconsiderate, which is worse?) to chip in for the birthday girls' dinner is what did it for me.

The dinner itself was wonderful; food was good and we ran down memory lane and dug up embarassing stories about the birthday girl.. ah.. fun times.

On Sunday, due to the snow blizzard, I hibernated.  However, the day wasn't without fun events.  I watched out my window as five (clueless) women took two hours to get their SUV free from the snow, I cooked a delicious dish of red curry noodles with chicken, and Dick Cheney shot someone.  But the highlight of my day was watching the Olympics while my roommate and his guest had their own competition in his room.  "Oh Canada" was definitely more entertaining played to the music of "Moaning Through Thin Walls".


macboyx said...

Oh I know your pain with the thin walls. I was in East Nowhere, NC this week and the couple next to me must have f*cked like 6 times an evening for 3 nights straight. The woman was LOUD. I swear at least twice they were leaning against the pass thru door (the room was an adjoining room). At least someone got laid.


Steve said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, and... you really need to document all the goings on in your roommates room and report it here, ASAP!

Ramin said...

I won the gold medal in bedroom olympics. In all 4 events.

That spicey noodle thing you made was very good. I'm about to have some right now! yum :)

tribecatexan said...

Am I losing my touch? I swear it was the bloodloss. Three test tubes is a lot to lose for a guy like me.

Gold in 4 events? Did any of them involved speed or distance? I hear the record time for the 50 meter speed skate is under 15 seconds. (Okay, I made that record up.) I sure hope they were for artistic ability, technique, or endurance.