Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back from St. Paul

Well, the reason why I didn't post much about St. Paul was because it was pretty much cold and boring.  Mall of America was disappointment1.  I did find some good deals, but I defintely don't recommend going to Minnesota just for that (sales tax there was a whopping 6.25% for pete's sake!).

But despite all the negative points, I had a wonderful time; most of which was spent with my boopy (I could tell you about the stuff we did, but you probably wouldn't believe me2) - and to clarify, the 'booty call' I mentioned was to visit my boopy, not some random, cute bartender that worked at the restaurant in the Holiday Inn that I met on desperate-gays.com3.

Also, I have to admit that I was intrigued and entertained at times - like when I saw this sign:

Ordway Center Sign

There's some comfort in knowing I won't be pistol-whipped while watching Les Mis.

On a similiar note, if you plan to visit downtown St. Paul, definitely go visit Fuji-Ya (an amazing Japanese restaurant in the middle of nowhere) and the Downtowner Woodfire Grill (weekend brunch to die for).

1 See some MOA pictures I took on flickr.
2 Okay, I'm just teasing you on that one.  I wouldn't kiss and tell... or would I?
3 Just kidding.. but how many of you actually clicked on that link?


GrooveTheory said...

I've never been to MN, but it would probably be ok to check it out in the summer time.

I'm glad you're back safe and smiling :) And just for the record too, when I "visited" Toronto, that wasn't a "booty call" either. HAHAHA!!

Steve said...

What did you do with your gun then? By the way, I was wanting to check it out, but your desperate-gay link doesn't work. Not that I'm desperate... I'm just sayin'.

Matt C. said...

The MOA looks like a soccer-mom saturated nightmare of screaming kids, mid-westerner tourists, and tacky installations.

I hope you spent more time with your "boopy's" penis in your butt than there.

Good to see you back :)

TCho said...

Omg. I clicked on that link.

flo said...

I don't care about the mall. Where are the pics of your boopy?

littlecicero said...

Sorry to hear your opinion of Mpls/St. Paul is so low. Try it in the Spring, Summer, or Fall - only Winter is a drag. Glad you found something to fill your time.
Matt c. is right about the MOA - I never go. There are many great places in this town, the MOA is at the bottom of the list - it is just a tourist trap.