Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Birthday Party Over Here!

The morning of my birthday party, dubbed 'The Main Event', I received a birthday gift from U., delivered to my office - chocolates from Richart.  It was a sweet prologue to what would happen that night.

They are absolutely amazing.  And I'm not just saying that because they were expensive; that was only part of it.

I had taken it upon myself to plan the main event.  To put a twist on it, I also made it a birthday celebration of two other Gemini's.  The evites were sent, the venue was notified, the cake was ordered, the party was set.

At first, I wanted to purchase birthday tiaras for the birthday boys, but finding how expensive they were, I opted for a cheaper, tropical ornament - leis!  In the end, I think the necklace of rainbow-colored flowers was much more noticeable, not to mention more gay.  Happy with my purchase, I picked up the cake, headed to XES, and the party was underway.

Some joined the celebration early, some late.  I was extremely happy that I had the chance to share in the celebration of so many friends.  With so much around me, am I selfish in feeling disappointed that others weren't able to show?  A few times I caught myself looking toward the door in hopes they'll walk in at that moment.

I didn't let that bother me as there was going to be cake, drinking, and dancing!  Yes, in that order.  I chose Billy's for it's proximity to XES and read the praises of their banana cake.  It was absolutely wonderful.

The night was filled with drinks, dancing, and the traditional frosting-smeared-on-face.  I received gifts from my friends, birthday wishes from other patrons in the bar, and some even gave me their 'free' drink tickets.  The bartender was also nice enough to give us birthday shots.  I thanked him by giving him a birthday cupcake.  Then I gave the cuter bartender a cupcake, too.  Hehe.

At one point, my lei was torn by a drunken woman clawing at my neck.  I was sad for a moment, but realized it was the only way for us to play 'Flowers Everywhere!' and 'Stuff Them Down Your Shirt!'  When that lost it's charm, I substituted the fake fabric flowers with ice cubes.  That really livened everyone up.

Enough of this, check out the pictures yourself!


Jess said...

Nice photos.

Elaine said...

Nice pics sweetie! Looks like you had a wonderful time. And I must say lovely shirt! =) Looks like it fit! Miss you much babes!

Hanuman1960 said...

It looks like it was a fun party!

Too bad I live up in New England.. :(

Jon said...

Cool pics! But I wasn't in any of them, so now I'm boycotting your blog :P

Slate said...

Very cute my love - HAPPY be-lated B-day! Looks like you had a blast!

Lovin' you from sunny San Diego!

kelly said...

hey jay .. nice party..happy belated!

GrooveTheory said...

i love the pics! and i especially love the Richart chocolates! Yumm!

MzOuiser said...

Oh gawd that banana cake. That frosting! I'm glad I didn't make it into any of the pics! I'm sure my stomach was three inches fatter by the end of the night.

See you again soon O Fabuloso!

Charlie said...

Looks like a great party, glad you had fun!

joe said...

awww, i wish i was there! cute!

PatCH said...

Thanks again for putting this together, Jase! :-)