Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So Gay!

I went to my first WYSIWYG talent show [about] last Tuesday.  Theme?  Three words: G. A. Y. or 'I Love A Parade: Even Gayer Tales of Extremely Gay Gayness'.  Being Pride month, they even warned me that it was going to sell out; but did I heed anyone's advice?  Duh, no.

There I was, day of the performance, standing outside the pearly gates to the magical auditorium, sad and sulking at the lost opportunity to see my friends, God and the Magical Cow, perform their pieces.  Until the Good Witch swooped down from.. where good witches swoop down from.. and saved me from my eternal suffering!  Immediately, the Good Witch dialed the Handsome Traveller on the mystical cellphone to secure my entrance to the prom magical auditorium!

So.. uhm.. thanks Hugo!

It was a great show.  Talent was amazing.  Stories, only so-so.  Okay, they were knee-slappin', side-grabbin', neighbor-punchin' hilarious.  And since I can't afford don't like to steer people away from my blog, I'm not going to tell you to visit the blogs of Hanne (crotch coffee, anyone?), Emily (girl on girl, anyone?), Joe ("I'm resting!"), Matt (I actually touched him), Bradford (I touched him, too!), Jane (SO not a baby), Joel (SO gay), or Dan (poor, poor Michael).

And wouldn't you know that I forgot my blogger autograph book at home.


JaG said...

I would love to meet some bloggers!! But being Dutch and in Holland doesn't really help :(

Hugo said...

(blushing) I'm glad I was able to help out a blogger-in-distress. It was also good to finally meet the man who made the Good Witch eat rooster ears and squid testicles. I am sorry (NOT) that I missed that brunch outing.

Joe said...

I already signed your blogger autograph book, so there.

Wayne said...

You...TOUCHED so many people :)

Deviant said...

WTF!? I'm super important and you never asked me to sign no blogger book! I even snuck you into exclusive parties.

That's it, you're banned from now on!