Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Memorable Weekend

The Friday before Memorial Day, I had planned to take full advantage of Fleet Week.  How so?  Read more [+/-]

Head around the city and hunt for cute sailors to take pictures with!  Notice how I didn't fall into the 'seamen' pun like other gay blogs.

Taking a half day from work, D. and I, in my El Diablo t-shirt, scoured Times Square for some prime, ripened beings just docked from a long voyage at sea, full of pent-up sexual energy bright-eyed wonder, ready for me some big city action.  And find some we did!  I think I'm still drooling.

My Saturday schedule included a house barbecue followed by a night on the town.  Being preoccupied with grilling, it was the perfect setup to surprise me...  Read more [+/-]

...with a birthday cake!  I was pleasantly surprised; and even more so when I found out it was chocolate chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and chocolate frosting.  I didn't expect it at all, it being a week before my birthday; however, I had a feeling it was born from a passive-aggressive complaint.  Well, it worked.

After Taboo and Dance Dance Revolution, I got ready for my first time at the Roxy.  The perfect opportunity to wear the super low jeans I bought (which turns out to be women's) and look super gay.  Mission accomplished, wouldn't you say?

I met up U. and M., and with my John Blair membership card in hand, proceeded past the bouncer into the pulsating nightlife of the Roxy.  Red streamers and American flags hung from the ceiling while go-go boys danced half-naked on the bar.  The crowd was decent, cute boys speckled here and there.  If I had courage, I would have tackled and hogtied approached them.

Instead, I danced to house music, tipped a go-go boy, and stopped some guy who was grinding my ass.  I got home at 5 in the morning.  Good times.

I rested most of Sunday, waking up well past noon.  I knew I was going to need the energy that night.  Read more [+/-]

My first stop was unplanned: Faluka's, a hookah bar in the city, where R. was with friends.  The music was fierce and fast and I dazzled the crowd showcasing my belly dancing skill.

Next on the agenda was to meet one of my girlfriends at Cockfight @ 6s & 8s - a Daniel Nardicio (link NSFW) event.  Never been to his events, I didn't know what to expect and it's safer to have backup.  But the stupid bitch bailed on me.  Now I'm glad she did.

In short, it was an orgy and a half with naked go-go boys on the bar and guys standing around staring quietly, mouth slightly agape; like they were watching an art film.  All I could think was "This is SO unsanitary", "Where's my Purell?", and "I wonder who here is looking for a long-term relationship."  Then I started laughing.  At least the music was good.  I stayed until 3 in the morning.

I was paying for my late night out Monday morning.  I had made plans with D. to hunt out more sailors.  This time we would go straight to the source.  Read more [+/-]

That means boarding the USS JFK.  Dressed in my homo versions of the American flag colors (pink, periwinkle, and pearl), I was ready to seek out my future life partner.  Those that I found, words do them no justice.  Having said that, I present to you my future husband, and the Sluti I keep on the side.


GrooveTheory said...

What no popeye sailors?! I was in Times Square too last Saturday. But, I refused to look like a tourist so I didn't bring cam :( Now, I regret it!

Pink and periwinkle with pants ... ummm, even I am not that brazen. Luv ya though!

Jon said...

I know some people who went to the underwear party, said it was fun. Not as nasty as what you went to ;)

Jess said...

Pink, periwinkle and pearl?

I say this with love: would you go get laid already?! You're channeling your horny energy in the wrong direction! :P


epicurist said...

Umm, for a moment there I thought it was a sailor drinking a big bottle of pepto bismo. Honey, if you aren't gay enough, your outfit certainly shaved off any last remnants of your straightness.

Anonymous said...

your blog gave me the smile i needed this afternoon.. jas you look fabulous!

any plans for the actual birthday?


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Too much fun! And don't you worry Jase...I thought you looked fabulous in the pink! Wooohooooo!

Crash said...

That Marine is so freaking hot.

Wayne said...

OH GAWD - the men in UNIFORM...Woooot!!