Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Weekend Wrapup

A Friday of thai, taxes, and titillation  Read more [+/-]

XES LoungeMy day consisted of work, fast-food Thai (as in 'goes through you fast') and dealing with tax returns; the weekend couldn't come fast enough.

Having a sore reminder of lunch, D. and I went fancy for dinner - Korean on 32nd st.  The soon doo boo I had was delicious, but D. thought her bip bim bap was bland.

When we were finally done judging the people we sat next to, we headed over to XES and met a bunch of friends I don't spend nearly enough time with.

I had a great time catching up (there's never enough time, is there?), meeting new faces, and getting molested.  At least no one asked to see my tattoo.

And the bartender thought I was nice.  That means he wants to have my babies, right?

A Saturday of craft, confections, and conversation  Read more [+/-]

Ashes and SnowSaturday was a big day - and I planned it out to the minute.  Afternoon started with the photography exhibit Ashes and Snow followed by a quick jaunt to Magnolia's for cupcakes.  Next would be a stop into Jacques Torres' Chocolate Haven and finally ending with dinner at Tennessee Mountain.

The photography exhibit was incredible.  Nothing I could say would do it justice.  You'll have to experience this for yourself.

While waiting for D. and F. to join me at Magnolias, I bumped into Steven walking his dog.  D. and F. showed up soon after and we enjoyed cupcakes and a game of 'scare the pigeons' in the park.

britesmile facesHaving some time before the next destination, the three of us stopped in at Rocco's and there we met up with Wayne.  He wasn't feeling well, but graciously accompanied us to Chocolate Haven for some real hot chocolate and shopping in SoHo, where he acted as my curtain while I tried on a pair of jeans in the middle of the store.  What?  The fitting room lines were long.

Dinner was amazing; the food, the company, just everything.  The night ended with a few of us loitering outside the restaurant telling each other politically correct jokes.  [Jess' account of the night]

A Sunday of pommes, poisson, and participation  Read more [+/-]

jase at MS WalkI woke up early on a Sunday because of my commitment as a volunteer for the MS Walk.

I was glad I didn't drink much at dinner the night before, but I was paying the price for not sleeping until 2 in the morning.

The weather was nice and as I approached the volunteer sign-in, all the walkers' enthusiasm was contagious and I couldn't help but feel excited.

One of the reasons I volunteer is that it puts life into perspective.  The other is to get the free stuff.  And the last is having the power to deny anyone else the free stuff.  "No, you can not have another bottle of water!"

candied applesAfter my commitment, I headed to Union Square with my sister and D.  I was pleasantly surprised that there was a street fair along Broadway.

Let me just say that Kettle Korn is like crack; especially when freshly popped and warm.  I couldn't stop.  The warm, sweet, salty goodness.  Kind of reminds me of something else... but crunchy.

Anyway, we strolled through Union Square, admiring lawn ornaments - some with their shirts off, down to St. Marks and Ave A. for dinner at Sushi Lounge.  As luck would have it, we ran into R., one of my closest friends, and he drove me home.  That's really what friends are for.

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Jon said...

Sounds like a productive weekend! And thank you very much for flaunting the fact that you have the time to actually have a life.....

Not to sound nasty, but why are you wearing a tank top over a tank top? Please don't do that again ^_^ (The smiley face means you can't get offended)

GrooveTheory said...

MY GOD! You really stuffed yourself this weekend didn't you? You remind me of Jon! I hate you skinny b**ches who can eat and not gain weight!

Well, at least you did something for humanity with the MS walk.

Jess said...

Such a fabulous life you lead! Glad you had a good time all weekend--amazing the rest could keep up with our wonderful dinner! ;)

Anonymous said...

are you doing the walk this may?
i've signed up for walker sign-in so i better see your face!


epicurist said...

Oh god, I still have my dreaded taxes to do. I think I will invite my friend over, feed him cheese and wine and be done with it :-P

Flo said...

I will never look at kettle corn the same. Thank you, Jase.