Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And A Day

I just realized that yesterday was the four month anniversary of me pretty much blowing up my closet door.

While it doesn't seem quite like ancient history, it still feels far away.  Like the time I was young and my older sister and cousin were both trying to 'one up' each other with their vast knowledge of multiplication.  Read more [+/-]

I tried to fit in and be part of their conversation by interrupting and butting in until they both turned to me and asked, "Fine!  What's 10 times 10?"  I automatically responded with 100; not because I knew how to multiply, but because it just sounded right.  Pleasantly surprised it was the right answer, I puffed out my chest in pride, then proceeded to answer every other question wrong.

"What's 5 times 5 then?"  "Uhm.. 55?"  Laughter and teasing ensued.  Seeped in embarrassment and frustration, I vowed from that day on to be smarter than both of them.  At least in math.  Now I have a degree in Information Systems.

So, yea, my coming out is like one of those memories.

And now I feel like I'm trying to fit in again, butting and interrupting.  My group of friends have had years of experience.  I can answer some of their questions correctly.  "You know who Cher is, dontcha?"  Well, I saw The Witches of Eastwick and that other movie where she's the mother of the guy with the big head.

I don't do so well other times.  Especially when the topic involves musicals, the 80's, or sex.  "Zannawhat?"

The difference now is that while they still tease me, most, if not all, want to help me along the way.  Because of that, I vow to be the best gay boy I could be; and not out of spite this time, but because I want to make them proud.  I can't wait to get my gay certification.


Crash said...

I could make the obvious joke about your not getting certified until you've passed your oral exam, but it just seems too easy.

jOjo said...

hmmm... gay certification... i can definitely see the use for that. there's a bunch of queermos that i'd like to see removed from the gay scene. de-certified?

anyway, now you made me want to write how my family reacted when i came out.

i'm a little over a year-old in gay years. so, i know what you must be feeling like.


iiltweet said...

when in the world did i have a multiplication "competition"?

...stop making things up. i would never make fun of you.... dorkus


Jess said...

Just be the best person you can be. Don't worry about gayness. Just be yourself, and some lucky man will love you for that!

Ramin said...

Its good thing you got them smarts. Because I copied his HW all the time in college. Asians are smart.

I wonder if a gay person would get the same reception if he suddenly decided he was straight and wanted to hang out with straight guys. Hmmmm.. I think not.

Charlie said...

Happy coming out anniversary!

GrooveTheory said...

Do they honestly make cards for Coming Out Anniversaries?

Yeah, gay and asian ... very good combination ;) Smart and sassy. Now let's talk about you ...


Wayne said...

gay certification? Oh please, you are already glowing with the same Fairy Aura that I have.

"Wayne, what's 52 plus 23?"

"I was not a Math Major, dork. Do it yourself."

Happy 4 Month Anniversary. :)