Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just Slap A Gate On It

NYC's Chinatown Getting Welcome Gate

A gift? or an attempt to stop Chinatown from expanding?

Been a little busy.  Life stories will resume soon.  Stop reading, go outside and enjoy the weather.


Jon said...

Lol, Chinatown will always expand. My friend and I joke about how 25 years from now, Manhattan will all be Chinatown except for Times Sq, which will be dubbed America Town. You know, a neighborhood for tourists and locals alike to get a hamburger ;)

Jess said...

No, no, that's not it.

Now, the machinegun emplacement at the entrance to Little Italy--that is to keep Chinatown from expanding! ;)

aaron said...

Well the machine gun emplacement hasn't worked so well - Little Italy has dwindled down to like 2 blocks over the years.

Still Chinatown's growth is small compaired to that of NYU.