Thursday, April 14, 2005

Play Ball!

I love baseball.  And by that I mean baseball fans.  Since I live near Shea Stadium (home of the Mets), it also means that occasionally I'm squashed on the train against fans on their way to a game.

Tall, white, and mostly straight.  Clean cut businessmen, scruffy construction workers, virile college students; all dressed in varying degrees of orange and blue, spewing stats and athletic jargon at each other.  Definite fantasy fodder.

Actually, I think baseball is boring, but it's times like these when I don't mind it all that much.  Now to find a way to get rid of those female tag-alongs and convince them to play ball with me...

Check out groeg's whorescope: Gemini.  I find him it quite stimulating.


GrooveTheory said...

OMG! My Korean ex-BF lives right across from Shea :) Remembering the days ... mmmmmm

Moving along.

Freddy + Sports = Clueless

I'm officially gay.

Jess said...

Interesting "whorescope". My sign is Aries, but I only agree with part of what it said about me.

Jon said...

Yeah, baseball and American football do nothing for me. I never even know when the Superbowl comes around!

Brechi said...

Let's Go Mets

Rich said...

How could you fantasize about a Met's Fan? I'm not even gay and I can't stand looking at people in that hideous color scheme. Blue, Black, and Orange. My God! I would wager that the Met's would be a far better team if they just changed their uniforms.

Anonymous said...


Are you a Gemini?

If yes, did you agree with @'s opinion with regard to Gemini romance? I yes, did you recognize yourself in his Gemini post?

I am a Gemini.

Not knowing @ but from reading his Gemini post, I believe @ knows how to push all the right Gemini buttons.