Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Hey Fag. Fagggggot!"

It happened last night, around 10 pm, when a friend and I went to have dinner in the Kips Bay area of Manhattan.  We passed a sketchy block with a bodega and some 'less than fortunate' minorities hanging around the entrance to an apartment building.  I grew up in the city; I went to school in Brooklyn; I've been to Harlem; I can survive a block in Kips Bay.  Read more [+/-]

As we passed the group, I overheard one of the boys say, "I think they're fags."  Then one of the girls started to call out to us, "Hey fag.  Hey!"  We ignored her and kept walking, but she continued, getting louder and extending the 'g's, "Fagggggggot!"

At the time, I wanted to turn around and say, "Are you talking to me?  When did they teach cocaine trafficking puta-bitch-slut-whores like you English?  Why don't you go do another drug run, have one of them burst inside you so you can die a painful death.  That way you'll do the world and your mom a favor.  Carajo."*

Or go Jet Li on her ass.

Of course I didn't.  No.  That's exactly what she wanted; and I wasn't about to let her win.  Plus, I was already at peace with the knowledge that what I wanted to say was foreshadowing her life anyway.

And Jet Li probably wouldn't have approved.

*This is the toned-down version for brevity.  My original retort was longer and contained a lot more expletives.


Pony said...

And you're right not to say anything. They are just jealous of our fantastic lifestyle. I mean, besides, who would do their hair if we weren't here?!?

PS - I read your blog.

Jess said...

I think you chose the smart course. What good would have come from engaging such pieces of trash in any kind of argument? No good, and things could have gotten very bad.

So good for you for biting your tongue and keeping going. That was the smart thing to do.

Ramin said...

Hmmm.. since I'm not gay, I'm trying to see how I would feel if someone called out to me like that. Maybe they called me a terrorist. Hey terrorist. Terrrrrorrrisst!! Or maybe they called me stinky. You, stinky! stinnkkyyy!! Or or, how about stupid. Yo, dummy. stuuuuupid face!

I would imagine that I wouldn't like it too much. But its a good thing I'm a stupid stinky terrorist, so I would just praise allah and then rush into her stomache head first as I pull the safety ring from my gernade. Jihaaaaaad!!

Min said...

You're a bigger person than me Jay. I would have cursed the ignorant bitch out!!!

epicurist said...

Grrrrlll, I would have gone completely ebonix-ghettofag-ballistic on her. No matter where we are in life or how advanced, there's always some dumbfuck out there who has to be nasty, bigoted or racist.

Anonymous said...

Oh, are you gay?


jOjO, from berkeley crossroads.

Jon said...

I got bashed once when I was walking with my now ex, hand in hand near Sheridan Square in the West Village. This car stopped at a light, and these guidos with a Long Island accent totally did the same thing. I couldn't help but laugh at them- I felt sorry for them. And fag bashing near Sheridan Square is like Catholic bashing in Vatican city ;)

Spider said...

Actually, my favorite response to that is "that's MR FAGGOT to you asshole." The last time I used it was when some small penised married guy was trying to impress his wife. She about laughed her ass off - and that pissed him off even more.

GrooveTheory said...

I haven't had one of those in a logn time and I thank GOD for it! I couldn't take it. It hurted then, it still hurts now when I hear it. But the last time I had one of those ignorant slurs was in Chelsea at 2am. I was walking with my friend going to a diner to have some breakfast and this car just slowed down in front of us and started yelling "FAGGGGGGGOTS!". I was stunned. My friend started yelling "BREEEEEEEDERS!!". Then I started laughing so hard. But come to think of it, I don't even know if they were talking to us actually, I mean really ... it's Chelsea, hello??!!

Jase said...

pony: I know! Or in my case, dry clean for them too!

jess: I suppose so.. but if I bit off their tongue, they wouldn't be able to perform that verbal diarreah anymore.

ramin: omg. that is hilarious.

min: I am bigger! Yay!

epicurist: Ain't that the truth.. (btw, I don't have your email)

jOjO: don't forget fabulous!

jon: That's like me making fun of the Pope when I was in Vatican City on Christmas Day, right?

groove: Breeeders? Classic.

Lee said...

I would've loved to tell 'em off as well. If it was just one person, I would've said "That's MR Faggot to you, bitch!" and continued walking but to a group, I'd wimp out.

Robert said...

As for me, I would have totally gone off on her and the rest of her pack... I would go into a rage when shit like this happens to anyone... I think I've kept quiet enough times for me to be this way now a days!

That or I totally need anger management! :-) But really, I would've done something! But that's just me. Sorry to hear about the incident Jase.

lisa said...

shoulda just said it...

lisa said...

put her in her place