Monday, April 25, 2005

Aussie Weekend

Down Under Flag Down UnderThe best way to keep your mind off of something is to fill it with something else.  Or alcohol.

On Friday I played tour guide and took D. and her visiting Aussie friends for a night out.  I took them to Posh where I hoped to run into him, but left soon after for Therapy where I laid my eyes on Mr. Something Else; then spent the rest of the night fantasizing about the tip of his tongue on the nape of my neck what our relationship would be like.

Ugh, I hate being sad.

Saturday, I went to help Jess and Marc move. [read more here]  They are amazing hosts.  The house is incredible.  I can't wait for the barbecue!

Sunday was ANZAC day [more here and here].  D., being an Aussie shiela, invited me to celebrate it at The Sunburnt Cow.  I enjoyed a meat pie, a Fosters, and a Toohey's New while Oz transplants buzzed around me to the sound of Men At Work and the movie Gallipoli was projected onto the wall.

The meat pie was delicious, and so were the ones serving them.  And as the picture proves, I always dress for the occasion.


Crash said...

Nice pic.

GrooveTheory said...

YOU TOTALLY stole my idea! I was going to post my Union Jack underwear tonight! I guess I'll settle for my Superman undies!

Deviant said...

Oh I love the Sun Burnt Cow, specifically, the bartenders at the bar. Tres bien!

Jess said...

You were a great help, Jase. I just feel bad that we didn't get to fill you with liquor. We promised you food and drinks, but we just didn't manage to get to the drinks.

Oh well, perhaps at the barbecue! :)

Jon said...

Glad you had fun on Sunday- I had a prior engagement, boo hoo :(

Anyway, glad you seem to be feeling better since the last post. We've all had it happen and it sucks.

Wayne said...

Show off ;P

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...