Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It Goes On and On...

Just dropping in to say Thank You for the Birthday Wishes!

This year, I've decided to pack in two weeks of events.  Why?  Well, why not?  So if you forgot to send me birthday wishes, we're just rounding the end of week one!  There's plenty of time!

Here's what's happened so far:  Read more [+/-]

My birthday celebration started two days before my actual 'birth day' when D. and M. took me out for a delicious dinner at Nooch, a Jap-Thai-fusion restaurant in Chelsea.  Afterwards, I convinced my two girl friends to head into the porn shop a couple of doors up the street; I blame it on being tipsy from happy hour (which in itself is a story).

I proceeded to drag them downstairs to the 'viewing booths' where we met some colorful characters; one who asked D. if she was "the stripper".  A bit odd taking into account the store location and abundance of gay porn.  I was drunk and loving it.

On Friday, my co-workers took me out to a overpriced fancy Thai lunch!  I have to admit it was unexpected considering I haven't known them long.  They surprised me with a birthday dessert and the waiters even sang "Happy Birs-day" (that's right, birs-day).  They love me; they really love me!

Saturday was my birthday and I had a family barbecue.  I did all the grilling, which bothered me.  I wouldn't mind doing it any other day, but it was my day and I would have rather sat back and have everyone cater to my every whim.  Next time I'll have it catered.  with cabana boys.  wearing only banana leaves.

That night, a friend invited me to some book party.  You guessed it, bookmarks and paper-cuts everywhere!  Just kidding.  It was a celebration at the Hammerstein Ballroom for the largest book publishing event in the US, BookExpo America!  Riviting, I assure you.  The most surprising moment was when I got a whiff of that mary jane.  Hm, I guess it wasn't that surprising.

And then I went to a house condo warming party down by City Hall.  I danced and partied and didn't get home until 5 in the morning.

Sunday came too soon, but I had plans to see two programs at NewFest, The 17th New York, LGBT Film Festival, so off I went!

The first program was Foreign Exchanges, a collection of foreign shorts; which I enjoyed more than the last time I saw someone's shorts... wait, that didn't come out right.

I enjoyed the second program more, which consisted of the movies Straight Acting [official website] and Original Pride.  Both dealt with gay men finding a support group, and from that finding who they truly are.  The former focused on sports teams and the latter was about the Satyr's Motorcycle Club.  Topics which I hope to discuss in a later post.

Monday, after work, I went back to NewFest for the screening of a wonderful comedy, 29th and Gay [official website].  It showed with a Casper Andreas short, Mormor's Visit (who also has a new movie, Slutty Summer, coming out soon).  Both were just wonderful and enjoyable.

Whew!  And week two is just about to start!


GrooveTheory said...

That was soooo cute! Especially the "happy bersday" song. Yes, the did the same thing to me 2 years ago at this Thai rest on the East Village.

You have to invite me on one of those short film thingies. I love those!

Deviant said...

Happy Birthday slut-in-training.

epicurist said...

Good god, you are such a Princess -
"I did all the grilling, which bothered me. I wouldn't mind doing it any other day, but it was my day and I would have rather sat back and have everyone cater to my every whim."