Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where's the Check?

I received my first fan mail a few days ago.  Seriously!

It was a bit strange really.  He didn't know my mailing address, so he sent it to Heritage of Pride hoping the media contact will forward it to me.  Lucky (?) for him I know the media contact and I did get the letter.

I'll spare you the details (and him the humiliation) of the letter, so let's just say it was a sweet gesture, flattering, and appreciated.  I'm not sure if I should write him back though.  If I send him an email, he'll know what mine is.  If I send him a letter, I have to find an envelope and buy a stamp.  I guess I could just use his envelope, tape it up, then mark it return to sender.  You think that'll work?

Anyway, I suppose relocation wasn't good enough, so I'm taking a three week excursion to Costa Rica.  Is that the next avoidance technique, Palochi?  Or maybe should I set up a fan mail p.o. box?

Hopefully you won't miss me too much.  If things work out, I'll secure a guest blogger or two.

See you all after Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

Have a new email addy specifically for dealing with fanmail! That way you don't give out your personal email unless you want to.


GrooveTheory said...

WOW! You got a fan mail and SPAM :) LOL YOU ARE WAYYYY TOO FAMOUS NOW! I love it! Well, I hope you'll have a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica. I want details on the hot Costa Rican men, ok? And hopefully we can hangout when you come back from vaca!

Tuna Girl said...

Details? I want pictures of the hot Costa Rican men.

And I'm wondering, will you remember us little people now that you're famous?

joe said...

enjoy your vac!!!! I'll send you fan mail in the meantime! ha!

Steve said...

At this point, I wouldn't mind a stalker... I remain hopeful. Have an outstanding trip, Jase!

Wayne said...

I agree with Tuna Girl. I want PICTURES of HOT HOT HOT MEN!