Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A day in the life of....

A day in the life of... Surprise Guest Blogger #2

Well, I guess it's not a surprise anymore. But anyway, I popped one of the biggest zit that I've ever seen on my face - Damn, it hurt like f**k.

Ops, that was off the topic.

I'm going to write about a day in my life... But not today or yesterday or the day before that.

I'm going write about the day that I first met Jase.






Sh*t, I don't remember.

But I will write the second time that I met Jase.

It was.... Uh... It was at some kind of bar.

Kinda dark.

Loud music.

And heck, I donn't even remember why I was there.

But there were a group of bloggers... And... very hot bar patrons.

Mostly gay. I think.

Heck, they were all gay.

Lot of hot Daddies and Uncles.

Got some flamers too.

Well, that was me. But I passed the flame around.

Princess & Diva... Godiva eating Kids...

Some of them got really hot pecs.

And broad shoulders.

Strong back... And lower back.

Firm bums.

Grabbale bums.

Lickable bums.

Bums that vibrates when you spank them hard.

With bare-hands or spiked gloves.

Both of them are good. You know.

Sh*t, what am I talking about here?

Uh, okay. Let me see, since Freddy wrote about "Coming Out" - Then I'm going to write about "Cumming."

Anyway, coming out is hard.

But for cumming, you've got to get it hard first.

*Blink* *Blink*

Right. Butt-Cracks.

I swear, I'm no drunk, okay?

Heck, I don't even drink!

Well, I'm more of a social drinker... You know, one of those I'm-gonna-get-you-drunk-and-then-get-into-your-pants social drinker.

No Mommy, I'm serious. I'm not drunk!!

Okay. Okay. I remember it now. The first time that I met Jase, it was... We were... Oh yes, we were at his place. And... Uh... he was there too. And him. And him. And him. And him. And him. And many more... Like a big fun happy Orgy.

Wait... Was that the 2nd time I met Jase? Or... Uh... Uh...

I'm not drunk!! I'm not drunk!! Seriously, I'm not drunk!!!!


iiltweet said...

maybe you should? :P

btw - Hi!

Miss Marisol said...

"Grabbable butts" Yes. Those are the best.

I feel drunk just reading this.

GrooveTheory said...

When Wayne says he passes his flame around ... he's not kidding! I haven't met Jase, but when I do, I'm thinking it will be in the same place too.

Gurustu said...

So which puppy was you?

Wayne said...

iiltweet: HI iiltweet !!!!!!!

Ms Marisol: I have heard so much about you~~~

Groovetheory: Oh, you'll love Jase!!!

Guru: the BIG one, of course.

Jon said...

I want to see you drink! I'm a light weight too, but I want to see you have at least ONE cocktail or beer sometime.....