Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Beauty Queen Summary

I've noticed that more and more and more and more men are going to the gym.
When I go to work every morning, I see suited men carrying gym bags going up and down the stair.
Aside from the buff and puff body, they've also worked on grooming their hair. (Thanks to Ryan Seacrest, the ultimate metrosexual.)

But aside from toning the body and gel-ing the hair... Do these men take care of their skin?!

I mean, a man can have the body built of Hercules, and yet the skin feel like pine tree in bed. (Hey, budy-rubbing is important)

It's like, a candy in golden foil wrap, and yet taste like sh*t.

That is why we should all pay attention to the texture of our skin. Our face and our body.

Since I'm a nature-freak. I will introduce you guys some of the products that I have used... And gotten great results. (But remember, everyone has different skin type. A product can work like miracle on me, and yet, can turn your skin into rotten tomato)

Let's start with our beautiful face:

* Exfoliate - Guys & Girls, doesn't matter what type of skin you have. Dry, Oily, or Combination, you've got to exfoliate your skin at least ONCE a week. Aside from cleaning the pores, it will get rid of dead skins, polish the texture, and promote new skin growth. One of the best facial scrub that I've ever used, is the Tomato Scrub by Bath and Body Works. (If you have dry skin, this is probably not the scrub for you.) However, $18 for a tube of scrub is pretty expensive. So, keep an eye out for this fabulous scrub during their Semi-Annual Sale. If you want to exfoliate your skin everyday - make sure you use a gentle scrub. (Example: DOVE Exfoliating Facial scrub)

* MASK - Oh, My, Gawd. This is a MUST. Use a Mask on your face Once or Twice a week. This will SUCK all the toxin and dirty out of your pores - It also firms your skin, to give you that more youthful look. (That's why when you use a mask, make sure you apply to your neck as well.) Personally, I have combination skin, and I find Bath and Body Work's Pore-Refining Neem Mask as one of the best. However, this thing STINGS. I mean, heck, whenever I used this product, tears would spew out the corner of my eyes. If you think you can endure 2 minutes of massive pain on your face, then you're still in the run for American's Next Top Model. For those of you with dry or sensistive skin, you can try The Body Shop's Evening Primrose Firming Mask. This stuff smelled great and doesn't dry-up at all. (Wait, I think someone told me that this mask has been discontinued?! Ahhh....)

* Scrub Mask 2-in-1 - Not everyone has the time to do Scrub and then Mask everyday. That's why there are those magical "Scrub/Mask 2-in-1" stuff out there. Origin's Never a Dull Moment is *THE* ultimate Scrub Mask out there. You rub it on your face. Massage for 1-2 minutes, then leave the mask on your face for about 20 minutes. Rinse off. Oh gosh, because this product contains papaya enzyme, it actually dissolves excess oil and dead skins that was trapped in the pores. Also, it gives your skin that amazing radiant glow - Mmmm! I love this stuff!! There's also The Body Shop's Honey Oat Scrub Mask that's good for Winter time.

* Cleanser - I haven't find one cleanser that I like. So, screw this part.

* Tonder - See Above.

* Serum - Serums were never popular back in the 90's. Now days, they are all over the place. But it does your skin wonders. Serums are usually applied on skin before the face lotion. My favorite serum is Origins' A Perfect World. People with oily/combination skin who don't want their face to shin like mirror, yet still want certain degree of moisture... Can use serum instead of those oil-free lotions. (Those usually stay Oil-Free for to 2 hours, then they will turn into salad dressing on your face) Usually, the purpose of the serums is to provide your skin the necessary nutrient to maintain skin health. Kiss My Face's Ester C-Serum is not bad either. Cheaper. But kinda liquidy. You can also use Serum as night cream too.

* Face Lotion - This can be tricky. Usually the purpose of a face lotion is to maintain the moisture on your face and to protect from environmental damage. UV Ray, of course. The number cause for skin cancer, premature aging and AGE SPOTS. (Ahhhh!) So, Gentlemen, make sure your face lotion contains SPF -- and Ladies, get the foundtaion (powder or liquid) that contains SunBlock. I remember one of the Talent Agent told me..."Always. Always. Always use Sun Block. Always!" Currently, I'm use Yves Rocher's Pro-Retinol 100% Végétal Self Defense Day Shield SPF 15.

* EYE Treatment - We only have one pair of eyes. And we've got to take good care of them. (And those lines around them) During the day, I use Yves Rocher's Pro-Retinol 100% Végétal Self Defense Eyes. Aside from the smooth texture, the cream contains micro-light reflectors. Which, does a very decent job reducing the appearence of my dark circles. At night, I use Bath and Body Works' Eye Do Miracle Eye Treament. (I finished the last drop this morning, I'm going to try A Perfect World for Eyes.) - As you can see, during the day time, I pretty much use "protective" stuff - and at night, it's the "Anti-Age/Repair" time.

* Bath/Shower - I love bath. I love taking bath. And believe me, I have used more Bath Salts than mermaids. Anyways - Taking a hot bath will really de-tox your body. (Same with the steam room.) It makes you sweat. Sweat out all the toxin. There are two types of Bath. One, is the de-tox bath, where you use Bath Salt and/or Essence Oil to improve your blood circulation. (Home-Made Bath Salt: Salt, 2 Spoons of Honey and a few drop of Oilve Oil) The other type, would be the soothing moisturing bath - Bubble Bath gel, Bath Lotion, Bath Frizz Balls... (Home-Made Bath Lotion: Baby dried Milk powder, Vitamin E oil, few drops of your hair conditioner) These will give your skin added moisture, and leaving your skin feel like silk. But I'm not sure if it actually CLEAN your body though. I usually feel slippery coming out of the tub. But remember, Boys and Girls. When you are taking a hot steamy bath, make sure you only stay in the tub for 20 minutes. Anythign after that, the harmful soap, or whatever crap you added in your tub may start damaging your water-soaken fragil skin.
For Showers, I would use body-shower-scrub at least once a week. Again, exfoliate to remove the dirty and dead skin that clogged the pores. Scrubs also have 'massage' effect on your skin. That help to tone and improve the texture of your skin. If you want to tone up your tummy, don't forget to massage your tummy with scrub in clock-wise circulation motion. (If you dont' have any scrub, you can use regular salt!)

* Body Lotion (DAY) - I'm all about firming up my skin. I've already been reaching the top of the hill, and I want my body to stay firm. (And bouncy, at the rear) I used to be a big fan of Bath and Body Works' Skin Firming Body Treatment. Aside from smelling good (I love Coconut Lime) - it firms up the skin, makes my skin feel very tone and smooth...and it contains GLITTER! But the price really killed my credit card. ($14 for 8oz?! I know. Expensive) But recently, I discovered Aveeno Daily Firming Lotion. It's light, smooth, and WORKS. ($8.00 for 10.3oz!!) - Oh, for those of you who have seen the ads for Dove's New Intensive Firming Lotionor L'Oreal's Sublime Slim Gel... Yack. Yack. Yack. I can't believe it's not BUTTER. Because they should be. Grease. Grease. Thick Lathering Grease that won't go away.

* Body Lotion (Night) - Especially after a nice hot bath. Where your skin is ready to absorbe moistures... Your night-time body lotion should be light enough so it won't stain your sheets or grease up your pajamas. One product that I would recommand, is Bath and Body Works' Lavander Vanilla Body Lotion. It's very light and absorbs very fast. Smells heavenly as well. But again, the scent might not suit some of you. I have a friend literly felt like throwing up after smelling it. During Summer time, instead of using night time body lotion, I'd use Body Mist instead.

Okay. I don't use all the products every day - I'm not crazy like that. :) But hey, you've got pamper yourself sometimes... Love your body!!! And your body loves you!!!


Dear MzOuiser,

If you met a really hot guy on the train - like in talking to him and all - and didn't get to exchange phone numbers before you had to switch trains - would you hop the wrong train to prolong the conversation? Or bid the unknown a sad adieu? Or breathe on the window and write your number like in that cell phone commercial?

In today's world, I believe that everyone's a diva. Instead of me chasing after the guy, I think --- if he was really interested in me, he should have already gone on his knees and wrote his contact info on purple laced-cotton paper (with floral prints on the edges) and sing Britney's "Slave 4 U" as he hands it to me.

Or else, I'd move onto my next victum... I mean, that gym-bag carrying hottie with the broad shoulder, dark hair, lustful tan, strong arms, big chest, flat tummy, and that ultra firm bums.

Dear Jon,

I would make you knit me a sweater from the sheep's wool while I took a nap.

As if, I can knit. But we can pet the sheep together. Or pet eachother's sheep.

Dear GrooveTheory,

Ok, you, me and a sheep. Hmmmm. Have you ever had roasted sheep?

Yack. Sheeps are so cute. I'm Chinese, and yet I don't have the heart to eat them.


Steve said...

I thought this was going to be one big ad for Bath & Body Works! Anyway, I've been using Lancome Resolution Eye, and thought I liked it, until someone let me try Clarins' Men. It's way mo better! Besides, the Lancome stuff costs $55, and I have to stand at the chick counter to get it.

Jon said...

Wayne, you are such a girl! But I agree, skin care is important....

MzOuiser said...

Origins a Perfect World is my new favorite! Wayne gave me some for my birthday and I did a whole blog post about it. A great face serum is inspirational.

I must try one of those masks you mentioned.