Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Weekend of Fresh Meet

I had dinner on Friday at Shabu-tatsu (thumbs up) with Fash Mag Slag, Groove, and Tribeca T. (thumbs up to them too); then went and hit up a few bars.  This was the first time I met the elusive Groove so we had to do it big!  And even though we didn't end up going to The Web, I still had fun.  Read more [+/-]

First stop was to Gym Bar (muscle hotties), then to Secret (some cuties), then XES (cute 'tendies), and after an unmentionable amount of drinks, we headed to Restaurant Florent, where I met her (super awesome!), him (Happy Birthday sexy thang!), and french onion soup (delicious!).  And yes, as he said, I did flirt uncontrollably with this guy (yay or nay?).

By the end of the night (4am), I was sleep-walking my way back home; at which time I gave a new meaning to the word 'incoherence'.  He walked me to the station, all the while in conversation, I suspect to keep me conscious and my legs moving.   Just imagine this hypothetical conversation (because I don't remember what two drunk people could possibly talk about at 4am in the morning):

Him: "I wonder what stupid thing Bush is going to do next."
Me: "Blueberries grow on bushes, too!"
Him: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Me: "The government should drink taxi cab."

Ah... fun times.  And I think I've found a new obsession.

And now, more Costa Rica

Costa Rica Vacation 2005

Found my journal!  Along with some new 'postcards', I've selected a few passages to share.  Enjoy!  Read more [+/-]

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Got up at 4 o'clock this morning for a 7am flight ... the shuttle ride from the airport was short ... while I took pictures of giant mangoes ... and even the popular areas were littered with trash ... hopefully I'll be able to pick up some spanish on this trip.

Costa Rica Vacation 2005Monday, August 22, 2005
I'm writing this under a mosquito net ... this morning Sylvia, a travel planner, planned our week ... we drove to the Caribbean side ... passed banana plantations ... and a Chinese cemetary ... Cahuita is a small town ... walking back to Sia Tami ... buying beer and rolling papers.

Costa Rica Vacation 2005Tuesday, August 23, 2005
I finally got up around 9 ... put on my speedo ... with rice and beans ... there was also a television ... played Wonder Woman in spanish, fast-forward ... then Diff'ren Strokes ... our snorkling tour guide ... was nervous that a dip in the wave would send me crashing on top of a spikey coral ... needed to pee ... afraid that urine would attract dangerous sealife ... and buy a new speedo! ... a bit hairy, blue eyes behind dark sunglasses ... goodness he was CUTE ... ran back to the bungalow ... stopped by the trashcan and let it rip ... garlic potatoes were fantastic ... arms like maple brown sugar .. definitely edible ... and we saw an amazing amount of stars.

To be continued...


GrooveTheory said...

I can't even comment as I'm laughing so hard right now :) LOL I'm in tears!

It was such a lovely night. I can't stress that even more. We have to do it again ... less bars and less walking this time.

no milk said...

i cannot believe y'all are being sooo sociable! hate you :)

no milk please

GrooveTheory said...

I almost forgot. We went to the Gym Bar first, then to Secret, then to XES and finally, Florent.

Jon said...

Actually, I was just talking for the sake of talking....hmmm, and I was sober too! I can do that sometimes. Your answers didn't make sense, but it was late, so all is forgiven :D

epicurist said...

Wow, You all are truly very sociable. So if I drop by NYC in winter, will you take me around? It's been 4 years since I was there and lots has changed.

Steve said...

Woot! Sound like fun. Are there other pics of the guy you're flirting with? I can't give you an honest opinion with that one alone. Did you get lucky anyway? Kidding. I kid.

TribecaTexan said...

You know Jase got lucky. He may have had someone walk him to the subway, but boy emerged and ran towards the piano player....and that ring on his finger, it's not a wedding ring -- I checked. I thought he was cute, too. But a little bit too hairy for me.

Groove: Yeah, let's for for a repeat. I think we need a 5th. You know what the Chinese say about 5 boys: 5 Tigers, 5 Dragons, and 5 Terrors. I can't remember the exact expression, but I'm sure Jase or FashMagSlag can help.

Jase: About Web, we don't want to cause any wet stains or heart attacks do we? Well maybe, only after they sign over the life insurance policy. And this time, let's surround Aaron. *EG*

Wayne said...

Wait until you chat with me when I'm in sleepy mode.

Thehehehee. Let's drink some taxi cabs.