Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wrong on so many levels

Hi, everyone. Jon here. I wish I could have posted a few more times while guest blogging for Jase this week, considering that he's due back from vacation soon and this is only my second post! It's just hard to write for someone else, as is evidence by 2 posts in less than a week. Shameful, I know.

Anyway, in keeping with the 'life' theme of Jase' blog, and not knowing what else to write about, I was propositioned in the restroom at a movie theater Wednesday night. Not a porno movie theater (why would I go to one of those when I have a computer and a DVD player?), it was the restroom at the Sunshine Theater on East Houston Street. I had simply drank too much water before the movie started, and the soda during the film didn't help. Needless to say, I had to pee like a race horse by the time the credits started rolling, so I told my friend I'd meet her outside.

The restroom was empty, or so I thought. I usually don't like using urinals, but since I didn't see anyone, I unzipped and used it.....moments later, I noticed that the door to the nearby stall was open just a crack, and a pair of eyes was on me, or on a part of me, let's just say. I was immediately on guard, my heart was racing. What was the person going to do? Were they going to kill me? Rob me? I didn't know what to do, but I was in the middle of peeing. I couldn't stop.

The door to the stall opened a litle wider, and what I saw mortified me. There were actually two guys in there, one guy standing on the toilet seat and another standing on the ground. I didn't feel threatened anymore, but this sense of depression came over me. I'm not so much of a prude that I've never heard of 'public sex scenes'- it's just that the guy standing on the toilet seat looked to be quite young (he was probably a young looking college freshman, but he looked like he was 16) and the other guy standing was a very large, overweight man in a cheap suit complete with a mustache and mutton chop side burns. Ewwwwww! Why couldn't the young kid find someone more attractive and closer to his age? They both had their dicks on their hands (the old guy's was lost in a pubic hair forrest), and the young guy motioned for me to come into the stall and join them.

Um, hell no. HELL TO THE NO. I finished peeing, and quickly ran out without even washing my hands. What I had just seen was so creepy, kind of like a father/son scene that was, well, wrong on so many levels. My eyes hurt- I wanted to disinfect my eyes with bleach and take a shower. On my way to the exit, I passed an employee of the theater, probably a nearby NYU student. I told him while blushing what I had just seen, and his reaction was one of annoyance. 'Oh, the old fat quuen strikes agaib, huh?' he said, with a charming gay diction. 'I'll get security- I'm sorry you had to see that'.

'Me too', I said. 'Me too'. I walked away, feeling unsettled at what I had just seen. I'm sure they would just throw ugly hairy guy out, and not press charges, but if they did, he could have all the sex he wants in jail. I had my doubts that the young guy was of legal age. It was just nasty, nasty, nasty. At least when I jerked a guy off at Twilo back when I was in college, he was cute, in the same age range, and we did it in the stall with the door locked ^_^


This concludes my last entry guest blogging for Jase. Hope you enjoyed it, now back to our scheduled blogger already in progess.


Jenny said...

If I were a guy there's no way I'd use a urinal. A lot of guys I know are like you, and prefer to use the cubicle, and I think you've given a good example of why it's better!

Violet said...

I'm glad it's almost never threatening to use the ladies' loo.

Jon said...

Jenny- I know. It's weird peeing next to someone who is standing a shoulder's length away from you.

Violet- True, but you have to endure very long waiting lines!

Miss Marisol said...

At the Sunshine?! Come on...that's why they're closing all the great art house theatres in Manhattan.

Jase said...

"I jerked a guy off at Twilo back when I was in college, he was cute, in the same age range, and we did it in the stall with the door locked"

Classy. :)