Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Love New York (Yo Amo Nueva York)

Yo Amo Nueva York

Costa Rica was beautiful, tranquil, and serene, but after three weeks, like a true urbanite, I started to miss the hustle and bustle of city life.  I'm glad to be back in New York.

To my surprise, I had a hard time finding the hot papis.  For a tropical, beachy Latin country, they really let themselves go.  I blame it on the fact they're very Catholic.  Keep gays in the closet = no one to keep a high standard physique = no one to criticize your fat, sloppy ass.  I'm glad to be back in New York.

I also couldn't blog (or post pictures) while I was in Costa Rica.  Instead, I wrote in my journal.  I was going to select choice passages to share here, but I can't find the damn thing.  So while I go look for that, you can enjoy the picture-postcards I've added.   Aren't you glad I'm back in New York?


iiltweet said...

nice toe-work.. better than mine :P

Jon said...

Hope you find the journal, would be interesting to hear some of the entries :)

MzOuiser said...

I'm crying. I love New York too. Living out of it these seven months... don't ever give up your apartment.

Have a Grey's Papaya for me... And welcome back.

epicurist said...

I am so so jealous of your trip.