Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Preview (Una Inspección Previo)

Costa Rica Vacation 2005

21 days.  1511 pictures taken.  512 mb memory card.  It's a good thing.  But it'll take me a while to go through them.  So I'll release them a few at a time; and in postcard form!

In high school, I opted to take French (like every closeted gay), instead of Spanish.  But after spending time in Costa Rica, I've decided I'm going to learn Spanish.

By listening to latin music.

I think it'll work.  And just think, I'll be able to speak in rhythm too!  My life will be a Spanish musical!

By the way, Shakira's new song, La Tortura, rocks my socks.  She rocks too, just check out the the video and you'll see why.  LOVE her!


Anonymous said...

Funny you say that about Shakira's video. I find it utterly repulsive. I was thinking that if I was the president of MTV I would ban it. Something about the way she contorts her body parts in that one just disgusts me.

Jase said...

anon: The way she moves her body shows how much (independant) control she has - something that a dancer (like me) loves to see. Especially when it's done rhythmatically. (Granted, if someone just started contorting on the street for no particular reason, I'd think it'd be strang. But that's true for a lot of things.)

And if she can do that on the dancefloor, imagine what she can do on the bedroom floor. Or bathroom. Or kitchen. Hot.

PatCH said...


GrooveTheory said...

Oh I just love the postcard-ish image. I was checking for more pics on Flickr, but I guess you haven't done that yet. Anyhoo, Shakira's video rocks! I've seen a couple of times on MTV, and she even did it on MTV Music Awards. She was great!

Steve said...

How many pics?!? Holy Shit! It's such an awesome place... I can't wait to see them, so let's go--while we're young.

Anonymous said...

hola! i got your postcard yesterday :) thanks!

hey jase, i just recently renewed my appreciation and desire to dance to latin music. now, you're the only asian guy i know that can dance (hehe) and probably the only guy i trust to make a fool out of myself -- wanna help this girl find the right beat?

or least, help me find someone that can teach me!


Jon said...

Shakira looks like a really hot tranny, as opposed to an attractive woman. I don't like her music, but she totally can dance. I hear that people in her native Columbia don't like her so much since she rarely performs there anymore!

And you took how many pictures????