Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Musings

I've been accused of being an obsessive stalker on multiple occasions, but isn't that just someone who knows what they want and determined to get it?  Some would call that passionate and goal-oriented.  And having goals is good.

I'm beginning to think that being young, gay, responsible, and determined is rare.  I recently read a semi-related article about 'Young Daddies' that piqued my interest (Instinct no. 77, "Who’s The Daddy?"); I'll write about it when I get the time.

In anycase, I don't think being a stalker is that bad.  It's only when you get all stabby, shooty, or I-wanna-replace-you-eg-SWF that it's out of hand.  But who hasn't dreamed of being Bridget Fonda at one time?  Wait.. maybe I'm thinking Jane Fonda.


JaG said...

In a way, stalking is romantic. Until it gets out of hand.

I'd freak out if I had a stalker though. Romantic or not.

GrooveTheory said...

I agree! You're not a stalker. You're just more determined than others. Are we still talking about Mr. Piano Man here?

Miss Marisol said...

You don't seem like the bunny boiler type to me.

Steve said...

If you promise to try and not kill me, stalk away.