Friday, September 02, 2005

Thank you.

Today is my last day of blogging, and the next surprise blogger has some good posts for everyone. I would like to thank everybody who continued to visit Jase's blog despite his absence. And to my blogger friends who made the time to read both my blog and Jase's ... I owe you guys!

Okay. So I'm a moron. I stole Groove's post.


Thank you all very much for your patience and - well, putting up with my wacko-ness.

The next blogger will sure dazzle your visual sense as well as sexual desires. (OH wait. no. he's not like me. Don't worry. He's normal.)

Have a wonderful Weekend. :) And be F A B U L O U S!!


Brechi said...

first freddy and now wayne! what fab-o guest bloggers ;)

Steve said...

I love the visual, Sugar Plum Fairy! I've enjoyed reading you here, too.

Jon said...

I'm not that normal, Wayne.....