Sunday, December 19, 2004

Another Fun-packed Weekend

Friday Afternoon Party

What do most working people do on Friday?  If you said slack off while surfing the web, you're probably right.  But that wasn't the case for the company I'm temping for; they all abandoned their cubicles and the florescent lighting and headed to the Tribeca Rooftop for their annual Holiday Party!  Will I be fated to stay behind, brooding in jealousy as everyone sips champagne and nibbles on caviar?  Read more [+/-]

I was invited!  It seems my supervisor thought I performed an outstanding job for the past 4 months (in other words, put up with people's crap), and asked some higher-ups if I would be able to attend.  I pretended to check my (empty) schedule, before accepting the invitation.

At 12:20pm on Friday, I was enjoying hors d'oeuvres and sipping on champagne at the Tribeca Rooftop, located on 2 Desbrosses St.  There were three (open) bars, a dance floor, and a DJ with Latin musicians playing backup.  That picture is of me at the party with E, the other member of my group.  Doesn't she look so cute?!

Being a temporary employee, I felt like I didn't belong and somehow I conned my way in like a secret double agent.  But that feeling passed as I realized that since I was a temp, I could act a fool and not care about it.

And act a fool I did!  On the dance floor that is.  Out of the 200 people there, I was one of six on the dance floor.  I had a feeling that because there were directors, presidents, supervisors, whatevers, at the party, most of the other people were very cautious not to step onto the dance floor and embarrass themselves - that and fear of being the subject of 'water-cooler gossip'.

My supervisor had a reasonable excuse, "I sweat like a pig. I'd need a towel out there."  I'm glad he decided to sit out.

Friday Night Dinner

I met up with another blogger, the self-described 'not stabby crazy' fash mag slag, for dinner Friday night.  He recounted it better than I will here.  We had good food, good conversation, and way too expensive hot chocolate.  Next time, I'm picking the venue, and it's going to be cheap-ass Chinese (a real cuisine).

Saturday Night or Can You Fit Three In?

I had plans to meet with some friends for dinner Saturday night, and then I was invited to another Holiday party!  I did a quick estimation and decided that I would work it out so that I could attend both.  Then S, a friend who just finished with her finals, called me and wanted to hang out!  Will I be able to attend all the events I promised to go to?  Or have I overextended myself already?  Read the long ass story [+/-]

Luckily, I'm nice, charming, and have a penchant for telling the truth; and I have amazingly understanding friends.

S was coming into the city to do some holiday shopping, so I met up with her in Times Square, where she was shopping with an exchange student, B, from the UK.  I deftly reverted to using the British accent I picked up the 4 months I spent in London; and I impressed him with UK terminology: 'quid', 'tenner', 'Colindale'.

After explaining to S about prior engagements, I raced my way to the west side, where I met up with the country boy and Riye.  We headed to West Side Sushi to meet up with PatCH and his partner.  From looking at the menu, I guessed that this restaurant has the same owners as Jeollado.  I turned out to be somewhat right as the owner hit on Riye and spilled the beans about being friends with the owners of Jeollado.  The food was good (for the price), similar to Jeollado.  Who said that Mexicans were only good for rolling burritos and cigars?

After dinner, we were supposed to meet some other bloggers at a nearby bar; but I had my last event of the evening to attend, so I made a quick visit before heading town to the East Village.

Aaron of 1000 words invited me to his friend's holiday bash.  I agreed to go since every time I run into Aaron it's always a fun, new experience.  This time did not disappoint.  His friend R held a party at his apartment, where there were plenty of nice and interesting people.

At the height of the party, everyone played a game called 'Greedy Santa'.  I've played it before under other names, but the premise is that each person has a turn at a present under the tree.  The next player can pick a present that has already been picked or a new one under the tree.  Other rules apply, but that's basically it.  My loot included some 'Boys are Stupid' magnets, a pair of ties, and a painted-bananas dish.

I had a great time.  Upon leaving, the host R gave everyone a handful of change to give to any panhandlers we might meet.  Balancing the karmic energies, isn't that so awesome? Huge, huge thanks to Aaron for the invite.  I owe him one. ;)

In Response to the post "Holiday Wishes"

For all you who are upset and feel tricked, here's all I have to say: I never said I was going to be nude!  Before you start screaming bloody murder and filling my inbox with hate mail, the note on the disclaimer tells you not to proceed if you don't want to see nudie pictures of me (but doesn't say there will be any)!  I'm a bitch, right?  It was meant to deceive, and now I know which ones of you are naughty!  And I'll be passing that list to Santa!


Jon said...

Last time I checked, Korean food is a real cuisine. But I'm all for Chinatown, especially if it's Malaysian food, like Taste Good on Baxter Street (hint hint).

Jase said...

Jon: I meant 'cheap-ass chinese' was a real cuisine. Taste Good on Baxter? How about a Malaysian restaurant that has a Malaysian name..? Nyonya (my fav) or Penang.

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

That sushi was good, but I was just a little bit frightened when that one roll looked like it had chocolate sauce on it. And do they really say that Mexicans are good at rolling cigars? I've never heard that. I thought it was the Cubans and Dominicans.

Jon said...

I don't relaly like Penang- it's tasty, but not that authentic. Granted, Taste Good isn't as good as when it was under different management and was called Baba, but still, most of their stuff is good, including their beef rendang.

Also, I'm a total control freak and hate when other people get in the way and choose the restaurant! :P

Jase said...

Michael: You're right! And you're the first person to point that out, so you get a prize! What kind of burrito would you like?

Jon: You just ignored the part about me 'picking the venue' for 'cheap-ass chinese', didn't you.. but I'll concede, I wouldn't want you to get all 'stabby' on me.

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Uhm, I don't really like burritos. How about something else??

Wayne said...

Funny, how Asians are taking over dance floor now days. :P

Hehehehehe. Glad to read that you guys had fun with the Sushi. I hope Michael didn't scream when he saw the raw fish on the tray.

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Wayne: it was safe, because they didn't have eyeballs!

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure having you join us. I had a good time and glad you did as well.

It was also an honor bringing the best dressed and cutest boy at the party.

wink - Aaron