Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Jesus Saves!

The Bible Instruction Manual

No doubt you've heard the story of the Texan mother killing her baby daughter by severing her arms. Her attorney now says that "she was guided by a Bible passage in which Jesus refers to cutting off body parts to cast away sin!"

I'm surprised that she's still in custody! I'm also surprised (and disappointed) that you, the Bible-revering community, are not staging rallies, lighting candles, and protesting for her release! Don't you also justify your actions by interpreting Bible text? One of your own needs you now, more than ever!

Or maybe you've realized that that passage is outdated and no longer applies to modern society, just like how you sit down at your local Red Lobster and eat your shrimp scampi. But if those are outdated, wouldn't it be possible that others are also? Funny how you'll selectively choose to follow morals convenient to your own personal benefit and use exclusionary tactics to impose hardships on others.

WAKE UP! hypocrites.

In Other News

I had a great time last night. I continued my commitment to Move Against Aids and volunteered to help them 'count checks'. It was more like alphabetize donation envelopes. Actually, I was hoping to meet the biatch in person and say, in the words of Christina Aguilera, 'Can't hold me down, biatch!'

We finished early and I was able to have a few drinks with the country boy, PatCH, MAK, new friend Glennalicious, and others. A famous author was supposed to be there, but escaped before the Feds arrived. Le sigh... a missed connection on craig's list?

Addendum: Spreading holiday cheer through song. (via Epicurist)


Jon said...

Well, as you know, I'm a Christian fundamentalist and applaud any efforts to cast away sin...NOT. What a fucking nutcase! I haven't heard about this story, but you've made me curious.

Sounds like you've been busy hanging out with bloggers! And for a good cause, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Every time I try to cast away sin, the wind catches it and it blows right back in my lap.

Jase said...

Jon: Yep! I don't know why the sudden inspiration.. actually I do.. but that's really for another post.

Anon: Your comment reminded me of the song 'Detachable Penis' by King Missile. That's probably not what you were referring to... or was it?

"I woke up this morning with a bad hangover; And my penis was missing again; It happens all the time; it's detachable."

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

I'm sure that's NOT a country song. Maybe it's the other kind of music: western! tee hee.

Chox said...

i have a bad joke...the title of your blog reminded me of it.

jesus and satan were busy typing away on their computers composing excel spreadsheets. suddenly, the power went off. "FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!" yelled aatan.

"what's wrong?" said jesus.

"i lost everything i've been doing for the past hour!" said satan.

"ha-ha," said jesus. "i didn't lose a thing."

"why not?"

"jesus saves."

okay, i didn't say it was a good joke.

Jase said...

I totally know that joke! But when someone told me, it was the extended version - especially drawn out with competitions in running, jumping, building buildings, writing books, pie-eating contest, etc.., ending with software programming (how lame).. plus he kept pausing to laugh at the joke.

don't you just hate that?