Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What A Weekend!

It's That Time of Year Again
To push and shove stupid tourists out of the way.  "Move people!  Move!  Hello?  Hi!  Yes, you!  Oops, didn't mean to get in your shot."  How I love the tourist traps of New York City.  Sometimes, I like to pretend I am a tourist 'ooing' and 'aahing' and then I'll start screaming in Chinese for no reason, at no one in particular.  Read more [+/-]

The weather was nice on Friday.  Since it was my friend D's birthday, I decided to do the tourist thing with her at Rockefeller Center.  Yes, we took cheesy pictures with the tree.  I can't help but get swept up in the festivities, feeding off the shrieks of pleasure from all around.  The SAKS building had a snowflake light show to a remix of Carol of the Bells (mov to come?)

We then met up with M. and her new boy toy B.  This would be the first time we (D. and I) met him and both M. and B. were nervous.  I really don't know why; I'm a nice person, right?  Don't answer that.  The night went well and no one threw up, so that's always a good sign.

Saturday Night Fever

I definitely felt like my legs were on fire last Saturday night.  Three events to go to and I had to go to them all!  I redefined power-walking.  First was D.'s offical birthday dinner.  We ate at Tomato.  Not bad.  After dinner, I rushed onto the second event of the night...

A wonderful Holiday party hosted by the Three Kings! Ed, Jacob, and Jay.  You may remember that two out of the three hosted a pre-Halloweegan party a bit back.  They did not disappoint with this party either.

Once again, this party was at their apartment up near Columbia.  Some faces were familiar, others not.  That can be attributed to alcohol on either occasion.  Read more [+/-]

I was feeling generous that night, so my welcoming present were 4 bottles of POM.  Okay, I admit I got suckered by those cool ads on the subway.  OMG, can 'fruit juice' be any more expensive?!  Their warning label should include a 'May cause heart-attack when purchasing' next to the 'thousands of antioxidants'!

Speaking of food, it was fantastically catered by Jay.  The atmosphere, sound and scents, which I'm assuming Ed was in charge of, was perfect.  The company was nice and entertaining.  The highlight of this event for me, was the compliment paid to my rear-end.

I re-met Stephanie (Hi!), two interesting fellows, Jenk and Tiger, Jayson (good luck with the modelling), and then some.  When a new group of people (which included a midget) showed up, it was getting crowded and I knew it was time for me to leave. Off to my next destination!

Second Blogger Event

The third event was actually the second event of the night that I found out through blogs I read.  I rushed down from the previous event to meet up with Jon, The Fash Mag Slag, before heading to Therapy.  I didn't know what he looked like, but luckily he received my voicemail and was waiting for me outside.  I was actually kind of really nervous.  Read more [+/-]

Luckily, I had a few drinks in me at the Holiday party.  Therapy was crowded!  I knew Hot Toddy was going to be there and being 6'6", I thought he would be easy to spot.  He wasn't; it was that crowded.  What I didn't know was that this was a 'blogging event'.  I found out about this on Hot Toddy's blog, and invited myself to it - sort of.  All I wanted to do (for some strange reason) was to find Hot Toddy and force him to tell me jokes.

After walking around the whole bar, Jon and I finally descended into the crowd of bloggers.  It might have been the alcohol, but everyone was so nice and friendly (and in some cases, _really_ friendly - see pic for proof)!

I'm glad that I went to this event.  I met some really awesome people.. so here are the obligatory shout-outs (of which I'm sure to forget someone, in which I'm sorry, and you can yell at me): The Fash Mag Slag (Hi Jon!), A Country Boy in NYC (Howdy!), Tuna Girl (It was nice to meet you!), 1000 words (love the tat!), and the people who don't have blogs, but will read this (Hi! Yes you!).  Best part of this event?  Someone told me that I was cuter than some other guy!  I swear!  You'd probably be all logical and say they were influenced by alcohol, dim lighting.. yes, that's exactly what you'd say, wouldn't you...  But hear me now!  I AM cuter!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


I know this entry could have been better.  But Monday wasn't the best day I had.  I blame it on the karma coming off of a wonderful weekend.  Ugh.  You ever have days where you just feel ugly?  That's my Monday.


Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Howdy to you! Again--great to meet you! I got tired JUST reading of your weekend full of activity!

Wayne said...

Ah... here you are! :) I'll link ya!

Aaron said...

Well you are a cutie - and like I said, one with a perpetual smile - no, not a fake one like a Miss New Jersey or Miss Ohio, but one that seemed genuine. Maybe you were just drunk, but you seemed more sober than most at that hour.

Just as you were being told you are cuter than, I was told I am older than. Believe it or not, I think I was the oldest person there. No one happened to mention that I was the wisest though.

Anyway - it was good to meet you. I'll be adding a lot more blog links today - your included.

Wamly - Aaron aka 1000 Words and More

Hot Toddy said...

I echo what 100,000,000 words or more said. (Kidding, Aaron)

You are so cute! Great to meet (and hug) you!

Tuna Girl said...

I DO remember meeting you, alcohol not withstanding. And you seemd very sober too. I'm glad I got to meet you!