Thursday, December 09, 2004

On The Verge

From where I am, I can see the forks in the road. They're approaching fast, and inertia has pushed me over the speed-limit. Should I slow down? Can I slow down? If I do, it'll take me a while to pick up to this speed again. If I don't, I might pick the wrong path. Luckily, there are other passengers with me.

That would be you. I'm on the verge of changing the direction of my career as a software developer to a graphic designer. So much so that I've already started looking at potential graphic design programs and schools in and around New York City. I've also done some research into the graphic design industry (which spans all industries) and asked some people for advice.

Current schools I'm looking into are: Pratt, Parsons, FIT, and School of Visual Design. I've been told that a degree or certification is not necessary, but helps. I know I want to concentrate on art theory classes (colors, typography, user interface) vs. software program classes (Photoshop, Illustrator; I'm familiar with most).

Now I'm asking for your help. If you are, or know someone who is, any type of designer (preferably graphic or web) or in desktop publishing (magazines), I would appreciate it if you could help send their advice my way. Thanks!

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Jon said...

I wish I could offer more advice, but I fell into advertising almost by accident. I applied for a position shortly after graduating college which was as an assistant to my boss, meaning running errands, dropping off/picking up negatives, etc. I took some night classes at a CUNY school and learned Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, Dream Weaver etc, but never formally went to school for it fulltime, or for more than a semester of night school. My boss promoted me after 7 months and the rest is history, but he promoted me more because he's a rice queen and I look good in jeans.

However, I have heard good things about Pratt and SVA. I know Parson's has the best location, but many employers feel that a Parson's education is just not as good. Hope this helps!