Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Is This What A Hangover Feels Like?

  1. sore, scratchy throat
  2. pounding behind the eyes
  3. loss of balance
  4. aversion to the sunlight, noise, and all living things

Dear Karma,

You're a bitch.

But I still love you.


Today is officially my last day of consulting at NPG; what a great way to start the day. To mask it, I've decided to wear a tie. Since no one in the office wears a tie, I wonder if that makes me more of a suspect...

Christmas and 2005 are also right around the corner; which means it's almost time to face those forks in the road. Wish me luck, strength, and courage.

[5th update to this post, sue me]
Okay, along with hangovers, I've "read from other people experiences" of sudden realizations from the previous night. A lot comes in the variety of 'I can't believe I did that.', 'Why did I let that happen?', and 'What happened to my wallet?'.

A couple of vague memories popped in my head that made me smile and wish I could bottle them up, put it on a necklace, and keep them forever physically, close to my heart.


Jon said...

Yup, that's a hangover. Drink lots of green tea and tell people to fuck off. Hell, if it's your last day, just go home and go to sleep. feel better!

Dantallion said...

Hangover? That's my normal state in the morning until my cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Baby Doll - I've not had a hangover since 1986 - then again I've not been sober since 1986.

- Aaron

Rob Byrnes said...

What Aaron said.

Except for me, it was 1976.

riye said...

i don't know about you but i'd add to that list "an overwhelming need for greasy food"

epicurist said...

Honey, if it was a true hangover there would be a #5.

#5. Waking up and realising you are in the bed of someone who looks a lot like something the cat dragged in....not that I would have any experience or knowledge of such things. ;P

Jase said...

Jon: I tried that, and it worked!

Dan: So what you're trying not to say is that you drink every night? ;)

Aaron, Rob: Wow! I was 6 and -4 respectively! Good times.

riye: ick. Although I did feel the need to drink a gallon of wather. Anything else would have probably come right back up.

epi: oh.. the stories you need to tell me...!!!

Dantallion said...

Jase: Well, how ELSE do you expect me to get to sleep? ;)