Monday, May 23, 2005

After Twos

Other side of the tracksOn Friday

After two drinks during happy hour at XES, I became less self-conscious and more physically daring.

After two goodbye hugs, those other ones were performed for the sole pleasure of feeling you up.

On Saturday

After two hours, I almost cried once watching Crash.  It was that good.

After two cups of green tea and three hours of singing, karaoke night at Duet was finally over.

On Sunday

After two in the afternoon, I was sitting next to my friend J., watching Avenue Q on Broadway!  I loved it!

After two spoons of rice pudding from Rice to Riches, it was enough to last another two years.

What were your twos?


Jon said...

After 2 days of not smoking, I felt like I could kill a man with my teeth. Damn nicotine!

Rob Byrnes said...

I usually cry watching , too.

Rob Byrnes said...

Hey! Something happened to my comment. Stoopid Blogger.

Anyway, that should have read "I usually cry watching Crash, too." Which makes it much more... oh, never mind.

Crash said...

I've asked you guys several times not to watch me. It's just kind of creepy.

Coffee Dog said...

Coming here from No Milks site....

Oh I saw Crash this weekend and I know the part where you alsmost cried! I got caught at that part too, then was relieved.