Friday, May 06, 2005

Shhhh! Hush!

I hate despise loathe people who talk during movies!  It almost annoys me as bad as when people continue to laugh at a joke when the acceptable laugh time is over.  You know, when people start to think, "It wasn't that funny."

That is unless the person talking is Hedda Lettuce; and the movie is Mommie Dearest; and you're in a theatre filled with fags who can recite every line in the movie.  Then, not only is talking acceptable, but it's absolutely required that you participate and enjoy it.

Hedda, as the late Joan Crawford, commentated during the movie at Clearview (Queerview?) Chelsea last night as a special event for their third year anniversary.  Audience members brought hangers, floor cleaner, and loose blond hair; waving and tossing each of the items up in the air during the appropriate scene, reminiscent of a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The crowd was amazing.  Hedda was hilarious.  I had a great time.  Thanks J. for inviting me and all her friends for making it unforgettable.

"I'm not mad at you.  I'm mad at the dirt."


jOjo said...

queers at theaters! isn't it grand!?

i love going to the castro theater in sf.... *sigh* my dear sf...

JaG said...

Sounds like a great time was had!

Jon said...

I remember watching that movie with my mom on TV when I was a kid. It was so ridiculous it was good- however, I did like some of Joan Crawford's parenting techniques, like when the daughter didn't want to eat the beef since it was too rare and she made her have it for breakfast- then when she didn't eat it then, she made her have it later. Many kids are just too picky and need to eat what is in front of them ^_^

ROBOCUB said...

I deliberately boycotted this screening because some fags still seem tho think that movie isactually Joan Crawford. It's not. Its Faye Dunaway giving an over the top and hysterical perfomance.

But I do love this movie. It's right up there with Boys in the Band.