Tuesday, May 10, 2005

GB:NY2 Captured!

This was supposed to be a super-huge-ginormous post about GB:NY2 that I wrote yesterday.  But I went to the gym instead.  Oops.

While I try to write that, undetected at work, enjoy my 37,000 word novella.

And then enjoy these other versions:
1000 words's words [pictures]
watersea's rear view [pictures]
splenda in the grass' spiel
Glennalicious gab
The Accidental New Yorker's account
joe.my.god's story
The Tin Man's tale
Robocub's review
Jere-rigged's report
mak's list
jimbo's jab
we, like sheep's side
zeitzeuge's recap [pictures]
CSCFON's rundown
dogpoet's prose
circleinasquare's conjecture
dharmabums' description
A passage from The Gideonse Bible
Homers' homage
some amusing blog pun's patois and patter
briansp's buzz
Palochi's palaver

Please let me know if you come across other versions (and/or pictures) of GB:NY2 and I'll add it to this list!


Jess said...

Nice photos, Jase

MattInTO said...

Great photos, and really nice meeting u too. :)


myke said...

it was fun meeting you. cookout and barrage was good times.

GrooveTheory said...

I love the photos! And you know what? I was only a couple of blocks away at Posh. I hate myself. I knew about it from Wayne and I totally forgot! I've never been to Barrage though.

Well, I'm glad you all had fun. It would've been nice meeting some of the bloggers.

Tuna Girl said...

That must have taken some work to put that list togther. Thanks for taking the time.

Alan said...

Thanks for posting the links...and the photos!

I've got a couple posts on my site:




And brian's got one on his:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this list, Jase! Great way to see what everyone's saying (and to see the photos).

Wayne said...

*Snap* *snap*

Jon said...

Cool slide show! I would have gone, but I had to spend the evening with mom since it was mother's day weekend. Glad you had fun!