Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Version of GB:NY2

It only took me four days to write, but I finally finished.  Damn eagle eyes supervisor!  (I hope he doesn't read this.. eep!)

Friday Night Barrage  Read more [+/-]

Night at BarrageOf course I had to be fashionably late for GB:NY2 at Barrage.  It was also required I get lost, calling multiple bloggers before finally reaching one.  And of course he had to give me a hard time.

I was nervous going into it; hoping everyone knew my name, and was maybe glad that I came.  From my previous experience meeting bloggers, they're nice.  Afterall, they're just wannabe celebrities just like myself human, right?

Night at BarrageMix that with booze, and you get a handsy bunch, not that I'm complaining.  I'm actually reliving moments as I type this.  Ahh..

Being that there were so many bloggers I've never met, there wasn't adequate time to really talk.  In addition, Barrage isn't the best place to chat.  I let my Blogger Autograph book guide me through the crowd, collecting 16 new entries!  Side note: bloggers will tell (or write down) their most embarrassing sexual experience if you ask nicely.  (For those wondering, I am planning to post pages up.. err.. soon.)

A great, big THANK YOU to Mark (zeitzeuge) for organizing this.

The highlights of my evening were meeting Mark, Scott, and Alan, and getting a big hug from Homer.  I plead the fifth on all others.  But in case you were wondering, this is how I felt toward the end of the night:

Me at Barrage
Photo courtesy of Glennalicious.

Saturday Afternoon Barbecue  Read more [+/-]

Jess and Marc's BBQAfter my last day of tutoring fourth graders, I headed into Jess and Marc's barbecue.  Pounds upon pounds of brisket, delicious baked beans, fragrant roasted vegetables, and mashy potatoes were just some of the fare.  I also remember the soft chocolate chocolate chip cookies (with whipped cream).

The afternoon was spent listening to 70s and 80s soft rock while we chowed.  We watched horses racing, then cars racing, then turned our attention to Myke's iBook and our got our hearts racing.

Highlights include stuffing my face, listening to Brian comment on how bidets cause split ends, recognizing songs as advertising jingles (Joy of Pepsi anyone?) and making fun of people older than me (Hm, that would be everyone);  and the cookies.

Sunday Night (Marie's) Crisis  Read more [+/-]

Marie's CrisisAfter a lovely Mother's Day with the family, I join some bloggers at a west village piano bar, Marie's Crisis.  I was only familiar with two songs: 'Cabaret' because I saw the Broadway show, and 'All that Jazz' from the TV commercials.

The highlights of the night would be the fact that the phrase, "You have much to learn, Padawan", was actually uttered and realizing that some Broadway shows are merely just sophisticated porn.  Tits and Ass indeed.

For the experiences of other bloggers, check my last post.  My pictures here.

On a totally unrelated note, I'll be volunteering at the AIDSwalk this Sunday, but it seems I still need sponsors or something.


Jess said...

Soft rock? Hmmm. Well, we listened to all kinds of things, and some of it went back as far as the '60s while some from the '90s. Soft rock. Well, at least it wasn't rap!

Oh, and whipped cream on chocolate chip cookies? Excuse me, but there was only one crazed sweet-tooth who came up with that one, Mr. Jase. It's amazing that anyone who can think to put whipped cream on fresh chocolate chip cookies is so thin! Just amazing! :)

palochi said...

Is it me, or does Aaron look like the superhero "GB|NY2 Man" in that shot?

See you in a few, Jase.