Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Weekend Update

Thursday - Bloggers at XES Lounge

Did you know that XES, pronounced 'excess', is SEX backwards?  Bloggers were invited there last Thursday to discuss the implications.  Read more [+/-]

This was the start of my weekend.  It was also the start of my mission to get autographs from bloggers I meet (J of The J Way channeled Gretchen Wieners in saying my idea was "So Fetch!").  I met up with Riye after work for a quick drink then headed over to XES to pursue my mission.  It started off with formalities (as formal as you can get in a bar where Britney plays in the background), "Hi, what's your name?  Are you a blogger?  Would you sign my cool autograph book?"

Since the night's self-imagined topic was sex, I also suggested each signer describe, in five words or less, their worst sexual experience; we know how long winded bloggers can be.  It turns out they don't like to follow directions either.  You guys are always pushing boundaries!  Stay tuned, snapshots of autographed pages to come.

I had a fun time meeting new bloggers and catching up with old ones.  Of course, I've had a little too much to drink which lead to me doing a little dance, making a little love, and pretty much pulling something getting down that night.  Oh, and also writing this Warning post (which contains a partial list of attending bloggers).

Friday - The Day After

I nursed a slight hangover for the better part of Friday.  However, after work, the pain my sister was facing was much greater than my own.  Read more [+/-]

She was finally getting her tattoo!  I'll admit I was still feeling a little bitter that she didn't get it when I had mine done a week ago (it's healing nicely, thanks for asking), but when I saw the look in her face as her skin was being mutilated those feelings were replaced by compassion and hilarity.  And, of course, it was captured in digital form.

That night, I met up with my Aunt C., who was in town for the day, for a few drinks and banter.  I finally came out to her.  She was happy for me, and then proceeded to think of potential guys I can date.  I love her.

Saturday - Birthday Celebrations Galore

After waking early for tutoring, it turns out that I didn't have any this week due to President's Day.  The morning wasn't lost as I walked around the city with my sister then to the gym; I had to get ready for the night's events.  Read more [+/-]

I was invited to a birthday dinner, dubbed "Happy Celeditude 2005", for the superfab bloggers Ed Shepp of The Ed Shepp Blog Experience and Jacob of Vitamin Catster Cat.  The food was good, but the company was gooder.  J of The J Way was in attendance, including other non-bloggers.  Memorable moments include random outbursts of singing, discussing hemroid cream and herpes, and my favorite, when Ed got down on his knees and ... hee!

The second event was Birthday drinks for another blogger at Therapy.  Needless to say, I had an incredible time.  After three drinks, things can start to get blurry...

What happens next is you sit at the diner, head propped up on your hands, concentrate on not passing out (causing a constipated look on your face), not drinking your manhattan clam chowder.  Although I was fine, everyone was so sweet and worried about me.  Aww, you guys!  Can you feel the love? (And for the record, I did not throw up.)

Bloody Sunday

Do I even need to mention I had a hangover?  I didn't think so.  Low key morning.  Went shopping at Roosevelt Field.  Bought a really nice jacket from Guess that was on sale (score!).  Did not visit Jess, Bokey, or Watersea (sorry!).  Read more at my post The Last 12 Hours.

Whew... told you bloggers can be long winded.

Back to Basics

I've realized that I haven't had any fashion shots in a while.  Without further delay, I present you with my Spring-inspired collection influenced by my graphic design classes, 'Back to Basics': a series of artistic shots of graphic tee's.

Pink is the new Virgin


Wayne said...

Oh, no need to be sorry. Thank you for getting me some quality potential 'clients'


It's funny, how one of my friends was wearing the "Virgin T-Shirt" this past weekend.

iiltweet said...

aww.. sorry i made ya bitter.

at least i didnt totally back out!

...and i LOVE it!

Jon said...

Arghhhh, if Britney was playing, I probably would have stabbed someone :P

My favorite new ringer t-shirt says 'Blame It On New Jersey'. Got it at Urban Outfitters, and the sad thing is that a friend of mine borrowed it which means I'll probably never see it again.