Tuesday, February 08, 2005

With Friends Like This

Coming off an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend, I was still feeling hopeless, helpless, and depressed.

I'm so lucky to have friends to tell me stories like this.  (If you enjoy that, he's going to perform at WYSIWYG Talent Show - Tues, Feb 15.  Can you imagine what story he'll tell in which he claims isn't fit for blogging?!)

I'll admit that story did indeed brighten up my day.  A little embarrasment can really make someone else feel better.  I think my coworkers are starting to wonder why I suppress-laugh-cackle randomly throughout the day.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised no one has asked me for proof of my depilation experience.  What happened to all my horny, sex-crazed (in other words, gay) readers?


Crash said...

I was going to ask for proof, but I wanted to wait and ask you in person.

Jess said...

Dunno, Jase. It never really occurred to me. :P