Monday, February 28, 2005

The End of Whhhrhrrrr

Call it.  Time of death, 12:32 am.

I wanted to show you the picture of me and naked boy from the GLBT Expo this past weekend, but I can't.  I wanted to show you pictures of the adult magnet set from Joe Phillips I bought, but I can't.  I wanted to show the autograph I got from Tom Dolby, but I can't.

Why?  Early this morning, my computer died.


Crash said...

R.I.P. poor little computer.

Jon said...

Oh, that sucks. Try the new eMac. I'm sure you know all about it

Rob Byrnes said...

I've heard that scans of Dolby's autograph often crash computers.

Stick with the Famous Authors, Jase!


Aaron said...

I've dressed in black and lit a candle.

I can't even imagine the grief you must be going through.

Jess said...

That's what computers do. They die, usually at the worst possible time. Also, they reach out from the grave and pull in all kinds of vital files with them.

My condolences.

BigDubb said...

I think I heard taps in the background as I was reading this.

My condolences. Your sympathy card is in the mail.