Friday, February 04, 2005

Life of Brian (and Jase)

Brian is from Arkansas.
Brian came to New York City on a business trip.
Brian got wasted at Posh.
Brian passed out on a couch next to Jase and his friends.
Jase and his friends decided to put him in a cab.
Jase supported Brian as Jase's friend took down his number (the bubble 'i's!).
Jase put him in a cab, deftly coaxing the address of his hotel.
Jase later called Brian to make sure he was in his hotel, safe and sound.
He was.  Mystery solved.

This ephiphany was brought to you courtesy of a Q44 bus ride.


epicurist said...

Good sleuthing Sherlock!

Jon said...

That's not as much fun as ending up in a seedy Arkansas gay bar (they must have at least one) and whoring it up!