Monday, February 21, 2005

The Last 12 Hours

Feb 20 - 21, 2005

5:00 pm - Arrive at Roosevelt Field Mall.
6:55 pm - Leave mall with unanticipated shopping bags. (Did you buy that?)
7:45 pm - Have dinner at aunt's house.
9:12 pm - Leave aunt's house for home.
10:04 pm - Start homework.  Procastinate by fiddling with photos and signing on AIM.
12:10 am - Last chatter signs off AIM.
1:34 am - Finish playing with photos, and start graphic design homework.
2:10 am - Computer starts to make a "WHHRRRRRR" noise.
3:37 am - Computer crashes and shuts off.
3:40 am - Bandages toes.  Attempt to fix computer.
3:54 am - Turns on computer and works twice as fast to the sound of the "WHHRRRR" noise.
3:59 am, 4:10 am, 4:14 am... - Save.  Save.  Save.
4:42 am - Finish homework and go to bed.
9:32 am - Wake up.
12:22 pm - Really wake up.
1:32 pm - Go to gym.
3:46 pm - Get home; shit, shower, shave.
4:44 pm - Check email and find out class is cancelled (received 3:44 pm).

Juuuuust great.


Jess said...

"3:46 pm - Get home; shit, shower, shave."

Classy. Very classy. Have you been hanging out with straight fratboys? :P

Now then, on a more important subject, YOU WENT TO ROOSEVELT FIELD AND DIDN'T EVEN SAY HI? We live maybe 10 minutes from there, as if you didn't know. Ooh, you're getting such a spanking!

missfee said...

bandaged toes? that can't be a good look with open toe sandals... come to think of it nothing is a good look with open toe sandals...

sounds painful... hope they are healing?

Wayne said...

Do you know that I live 5 minutes away from RF Mall? :)

Jase said...

jess: lol. SFBS, or Straight Frat Boy Syndrome, is a hard habit to break.

missfee: thanks for your concern! They're doing better, but you should see the other guy! and by other guy I mean my computer.

wayne: I didn't! But next time I go there, I'm coming over so we can have a slumber party! I'll bring the marshmallows.