Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Clean Surprise

I was going through my jacket pockets looking for some gum and decided it would be a good time to clean them out:

Handful of cheap napkins (unused). Out.
A movie ticket stub. Out.
A condom from Yaffa Cafe. In.
Blistex, glove, eyedrops. In, in, in.
Home-made business card for a psychic reading by Destiny. Ou.. wait..

Someone named Brian crossed out Destiny's information and wrote their number on the back (it wasn't my handwriting; I don't do bubble 'i's).  When did I wear this coat last?  and where?  I couldn't come up with the answer to these questions.  501 area code?  A quick search came up with "(Northwestern and Central) Arkansas"  Huh?

What is even more mysterious is where the hell my gum went!

For those wondering, I actually went to those identity websites, but I wasn't about to pay $5.95 to view the results!  I guess this mystery will have to stay unsolved.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Hmmm- did you go on a drinking binge and end up in a Southern leather bar again? I thought you learned your lesson last time!