Wednesday, February 02, 2005


My first gay retreat.

I took a risk down the blue trails.
I dined artistically.
I came back after failing miserably.
I bonded in bubbling waters.
I formed angels in the snow.
All this, because I let go.

I dedicated this post to the following men who made it unforgettable.  Read more [+/-]

Look what was found on our cars after dinner at Denny's.  Check it out [+/-]

Everyone thought that was cute.
I thought it was creepy; then again, I'm just the virgin.


Jess said...

Okay, we need to get you a nice boyfriend. This virgin thing needs to end! ;)

Jon said...

You should have all gone to the karaoke place- even if it wasn't fun, it would have been something to write about ;)

Hot Toddy said...

I only think notes like that are creepy when I get them written in blood. But I still go wherever those notes tell me to.

Jon said...

WTF??? I posted a comment here earlier this afternoon. I hate Blogger comments. I typed it in, clciked 'Publsih your comment', and now it's gone. Me so angry. ROAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR

epicurist said...

Lets just rent-a-man for him. Let him have his way and de-virginize him!

riye said...

good lord, can you post a more pouty pic of me? LOL