Friday, February 25, 2005

Two Months and Counting

Two Month Anniversary

Wow, has it only been two months?  For those who are new to the program, today would be the two month anniversary of my coming out.  Yes, if you did the math right, I came out on Christmas Day '04.  I feel like I've done more in these past two months than I've done in the last two years.  People I've met, events I've attended, emotions I've felt.  Read more [+/-]

It's amazing what being honest with yourself and others can do to you; I feel as if I'm intoxicated on strength, determination, and a passion for life.  I've tossed aside my inhibitions and I'm ready to take on anything, come what may!

However, thinking clearly and rationally had also been thrown out with the inhibitions.  It's all new and exciting to me, and because of my need for instant gratification, I was sometimes reckless.  Like a kid loose in a candy store, I've started to feel the onset of a tummy ache of having too much candy, too fast.

Thank you for being there and handing me some ginger ale, you know who you all are.  I love you and know I would never want to hurt anyone I loved; ever.  (Who am I talking about?  If I listed them I'm bound to forget someone; most are listed under Blogs I Read.)

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

So two months have passed, and I still haven't gone on a date yet!  Surprising, I know.  But as a person who's never dated before, I haven't the first clue what to do, where to go, what to say, what to order, or what to wear!  It's all VERY intimidating.  Having a fear of rejection doesn't help (and neither does Cow Pattie's story)!  Read more [+/-]

Okay, deep breath.  First things first, what's the best way to find Mr. Right?  I've heard that meeting people through friends or family is the ideal.  They act as a buffer already knowing the involved parties and can make a value judgement to determine if any relationship can come of it.  My family doesn't associate with gay men and most of my friends are either straight or 'coupled in'.

Help!  If you have any tips, I'd appreciate it.  Or maybe even some of your dating do's and don'ts - we can all learn from each other, right?  And please don't say dating sites; I've had enough people asking me if I was spicier than General Tso chicken.

Weekend Volunteering

Since I won't be tutoring this weekend, I've graciously given myself to Out of Bounds - NYC, volunteering at their booth Saturday, 2-4pm, at The 12th Original GLBT Expo (Jacob Javits Center).  Drop by and say hi!

Update: Authors Augusten Burroughs (unconfirmed) and Tom Dolby (Sat 4-5pm, InsightOut booth) are scheduled to be there for book signing!  Whee!  I'm such a nerd!

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Anonymous said...

for someone who's only been out for two months you seem to have one hell of a lot of gay friends. It's up to them to help you date. You're absolutely right: personal recommendations are the only way to go. You'll never have any luck on the Net, and it's unlikely you'll have luck just hanging around in bars. It's your friends' job. Make sure they know that, and tell them to get to work!

Wayne said...

General Tso chicken is not match for you. You are the red hot Chinese little pepper that will leave any men's tongue burning red.

BigDubb said...

WTG. I've said it once, I'll say it again; it is so fun to watch you bloom. To be honest with you, I am slightly jealous. I haven't had any life altering epiphanies EVER. That must be fun.

60 days down, a lifetime to go.

riye said...

trust me, chomping on candy never ends. what changes is the quality of the candy.

Deviant said...

Don't date too many of your friends "suggestions" because the situation can turn incestual pretty quick.

Aw, who am I kidding? Its hip to be incestual.

Jon said...

Are you sure you're ready to date? It might be too soon. Just be safe and play the field first. Relationships happen when you least expect them, at least that's been true in my experience. Take you're time and don't rush things, that's my advice.

Dantallion said...

You've learned something that some people spend their entire lives trying to figure out: Being honest, open and true to who you are allows to you grab life by the proverbial balls and life it to the fullest. Good on you. Be proud of yourself.

Jase said...

anon: I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful group of people; they're simply amazing. No, you still can't have them.

wayne: Thanks! I hope everyone likes things spicy!

bigdubb: Many thanks for your words of support! Epiphanies are overrated.. don't fret about not having any - it probably means you've been making good decisions all along.

riye: I guess it's up to me to control my sweettooth.

kev: Go find me a date! ;)

jon: I thought dating was playing the field..? I didn't mean jumping into a relationship (though I'm not opposed to it).

dan: I love grabbing life's proverbial balls.. let's do it again! and again!

no milk said...

i quoted this!