Friday, February 18, 2005

Relationship Troubles

My goodness, what harm a whisky sour and two cosmopolitans can do... I woke up this morning with a slight hangover, but I'm still smiling as scenes of last night roll through my head.  (btw, my warning still stands - read it to find out who showed)

And then I remembered that my computer was mad at me.  Read more [+/-]

He broke down twice last night.  My attempts to sooth him made no difference.  Was it because I've been spending increasingly less time with him?  Was last night, when I came home a wee bit drunk and eating a pastrami sandwich, the final straw?  Was it the pastrami?  I just don't know.

Maybe we've outgrown each other.  Thinking back, me and boy, we've been through a lot together.  He was there to comfort me in my time in need.  When I was still in the closet, he knew just what to do to help me forget all my troubles.

Now, we want different things.  I'm moving forward with my life, I need someone who can understand that and support me.  I'm thinking about dumping him and getting myself a new guy, a mac maybe.  Someone more dependable, understanding, who won't just sit at home all day and then grunt at me when I go home and try to turn him on.

Special Birthday Wishes to EVillMom! [Visit EVill here.]

And for the super sappy, here's a letter a good friend sent me after she finally found out I was gay.  Read more [+/-]

Hi Jase! =)

Just 'cause I wasn't screaming doesn't mean I'm not happy for you!!! Now you can unabashedly (i no bigg wurds tu) enjoy your path to happiness and fulfillment. I always felt that there was a lot you were holding back, from family issues to sexuality. At least you've got one burden off your shoulders.

I'm always happy to hear of someone I love taking a genuine step towards finding their true selves. In your case a giant step. That's what its all about right? I am a quarter of a century old (as my mom so delicately put it) already and I feel like I'm gonna wake up sometime really soon and realize I'm 30 and my biological clock is running out. sigh.

We OWE IT to ourselves to live it up now while we've got the wherewithal. One day we will be on our death bed and we gotta be able to say "i had a damn good life!!"

i'm getting an anxiety attack.

Love you!!

I love you right back babe.


Wayne said...

no sh*t, jase, yer' gay?

oh my gawd

can I be your fag hag?

Wayne said...

I'm so glad that you have such a wonderful friend. :)

I'm talking about myself, you b*tch.

But F. is very sweet and understand. :)

I cheerish you, babe.

Jon said...

Wait, you're gay? I'm not reading anymore!!!! ewwwww! ^_~

Aaron said...

Hey Jase - thanks for helping me out in celebrating my Mom's bday.

You're the best even if you are gay.