Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm XES-able!

So I'm going to this Gay Blogger meetup tonight I dubbed "The Next Best Thing to Celebrating Someone's Birthday".  It's being held at XES Lounge; I'll be there around 7:00 pm.  Come by and say hi!  [Not Therapy this time Toddy!]

I promised to bring an autograph book, but where the heck do I find one of these?!  (You know what I'm talking about; It has colorful pages and when someone signs a page, they fold it into a triangle so the next person can find the next free page.)  I've been to three bookstores and nothing!  Have they turned vintage already?  Any leads would be appreciated.

And now for your viewing pleasure: My friend's dog, Charlie, makes a snow brownie for you.

Update: Since I don't have a shot of Charlie's baking, those of you (and you know who you are) who feel the need of completion can go here.

Update 2: Thanks for the leads, but none had any.  I ended up buying a Cachet sketch book from Sam Flax.  It'll do.  I can always make a cover, or hold a cover contest.  Hmm..


BigDubb said...

now it's friggin' working. Read my email.

Dammit, I hate when 'puters just 'work' when they weren't 'working' a second ago.

riye said...

i don't see no brownie.

Anonymous said...

For the autograph book, try sam flax on 12 W20th or any Kate Paperie (soho, W13th st, etc).
Nice blog btw.

Hot Toddy said...

Have fun. I have a list of guys I'd like you to kiss for me, but I think you'll already be too busy kissing guys for yourself.

Crash said...

Toddy, just in case you're right, I'll bring a camera.

Wayne said...

Oh my gosh, the bondage dog is so cute!!!

sammy said...

haha.. that is just so warped.. making brownie.. :)