Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hits Whores

I think there is a time in every bloggers' career when they realize that they've been focusing on who's reading their blog and increasing traffic instead of why they started the blog in the first place.  Today is my day.  Read more [+/-]

"My name is Jase.  I am a hits whore."  Everyone together now, "Hi Jase!"

In an effort to help those out there who have fallen prey to the hits whore beast, I'm going to list a few tell-tale signs.  Feel free to share your own signs too.

You might be a hits whore if:

  • you check your site counter more than once a day.
  • you are unable to concentrate at work because you're checking your site counter.
  • you are unable to sleep because you're checking your site counter.
  • you constantly refresh the page hoping your counter went up.
  • you get WAY too excited when your counter goes up.
  • you have more than one counter hoping magically they'll work together and increase your readership.
  • you check 10 minutes after you post to see if anyone left a comment yet.
  • you start making a list of hits whore tell-tale signs.

If any of these are all too familiar, you still have hope yet!  Try the following:

  • Remove the counters and comments.
  • Since the previous suggestion is outright ridiculous, limit checking your counters and comments at work, realize the world doesn't just revolve around you, and remind yourself why you started the blog in the first place.

Me?  I want to be a better writer.  I want to be creative.  I want to be able to look at life, find the humor in any situation, and put it into words.  I want to find the courage to share my story.  I want to find others who can relate and share in their experiences.

What about you?


Wayne said...

Thank gawd, I'm only a princess, not a hit-ho.

no milk said...

i too, have this problem. i think i have gotten a little better. i still obsessively check hits, but i think it matters a lot less to me, by maybe about 10% than before.

your suggestion of turning off comments and tracking is tempting. i already considered turning off the comments before, because i am not sure why i have them there.

the only reason i haven't taken the commenting off is because i wanted to have a 'dialogue' with people and the commenting feature facilitates that. if i were more concerned only in the writing aspect, then i guess commenting is sorta redundant...

mak said...

I'm too busy checking my stats to read what you have to say. But I'm sure it was worthwhile and entertaining.

Nicole said...

I started as a way to keep in touch with friends about what I've been up to. The rest, history. In the making. Or something like that.