Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Exposing my lil' Gemini

It's funny that people didn't believe me when I told them I went through a physical transformation last month.  They wanted proof, but I had promised I'd prove it in person to some people before sharing it here.

So now that that's done, it's time for some show and tell:  See it and read the Q & A [+/-]

Jase shows off his lil Gemini.  Yes, I chose this picture to show off my abs.. and brazilian wax.

What's the meaning?

The meaning is simple, it's a Gemini, I'm a Gemini.  I'm not a big follower of astrology, but I believe I have some of the traits of a Gemini.  And like I said to the half-drunk palm reader at some birthday party, "I'm not two-faced, I'm twice the fun."

Secondly, my first real moniker on AOL was 'Iil GeMiNi' and I still use it today (see email and url of this blog).  So there's some significance there.

Why did you get it there?

Because it's sexy, and it's another reason for me to take off my pants.

Did it hurt?

Actually, it tickled.  Like kittens licking you.  But I wouldn't advise everyone out there to just get one.  I know people who are allergic to cats.

I heard you designed it yourself.

That's correct.  I drew a sketch of what I wanted and had the tattoo artist clean it up.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Another fact that people might not know is that it was a present from my sister.  She also got a tattoo around the same time, so it's one of those sibling bonding things.. it's funny how people are surprised we get along.  We have fights (with pillows, chairs, scissors, knives, box cutters); but hey, that only makes it that much more interesting, right?


Jon said...

Oh, you're still a tattoo light weight. I won't be impressed until you get a prison 'tear' tattoo on your face. Oh, and you shaved! I do that, but you have to be careful or it gets all itchy when the hair grows back in. Like Kyan on Queer Eye always says, go with the grain, and use a new, sharp blade.

Anyway, the tattoo turned out well.

iiltweet said...

haha. love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice abs! *lick*

Potropeluche said...

My first tat was the fish of pisces. I had mine placed in the same place you have yours. The second were wings similar to Roberts. My third was my cobra, like a tail coming from my lower back and across my butt, along with my beau's name in Sanskrit. Once you have your first you can never go back now all you have to do is start planning your second. Enjoy your new tat, and showing it off. It is especially fun showing it.