Friday, March 04, 2005

Life. Quoted!

In my never ending attempt at self-promotion, I bring you this recent development: I'm featured on No Milk's "Other Voices"!  (Quote from this post.)

At first, I thought it was just one of those 'promote your blog' sections or his way of dealing with MPD.  In actuality, he decides what gets featured!  Read about the project.

I'm flattered!  You have no idea how much this inflates my ego means to me.  Thank you!  Now be good little readers and visit No Milk Please and the other voices he features.  You won't be disappointed.

Speaking of Quotes

While we're here, let me share with you some of my own personal "Life. By Jase." favorites (aside from those under Favorite Posts).  Vanity, thy name is Jase.  Read more [+/-]

"Wow.  These kids are smart!  I know I was NEVER that smart when I was in fourth grade.  All I focused on were head-lice inspections and making up excuses why I needed another week for my report on Dolphins.  That reminds me, I still owe that report."  - this post.

"That came from a conversation where I suggested I'd dress up like post-adolescent Harry Potter carrying magical sex toys for Halloween."  - this post.

"I've noticed in my (short) lifetime that it's hard for people to say 'Thank you'.  They feel proud and self-reliant, as if it is an admission to weakness or helplessness.  It's not.  You should always say Thank you.  Why?  Because it's free."  - this post.

"Inevitably, they'd hear something, turn in my direction, see me waving, assume I was talking to them, and wave hesitantly with the reply, "Oh... Hi." Now everyone probably thinks I'm the nicest temp around the office."  - this post.

"Throughout highschool (and college), I've always wanted to work for A&F.  What could be better than getting paid to look pretty while folding a washed-out, overpriced t-shirt?  I knew I belonged there: the elusive group of hot, muscular guys indifferent to customers and lack any sense of customer service."  - this post.

"I printed this [picture] out on my photographic-style printer, and it came out all glossy and nice, like a postcard. If I became mute in his presence again, at least I could still throw this at him before running away."  - this post.

"I don't make New Years resolutions. My theory is if bad situations don't run on the holiday schedule, neither does your ability to improve your life. Januaray 1st is arbitrary; and if you think about it, it's like a slap in the face for the Lunar Calendar."  - this post.

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