Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Weather Man's Gone Loco

I can't believe that just 24 hours ago it was 57 degrees fahrenheit. What happened?!

I have a sudden craving for Nutter Butter.

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Jon said...

I know- it is wacky, but March and even April in the east coast are insane. I recall plenty of times when it would snow in April, albeit a light wet snow, and then a week later would be 80, and then drop to 50. I kind of like neurotic weather. It keeps you on your toes, lets you know you're alive, and you never get bored. I wish it would snow in the summer, just to make those days when it's 100 degrees and nasty as all hell tolerable.

I haven't had Nutter Butters in years, but while peanuts usually make me itchy, NBs never did. Probably because they are highly artificial. And we all know that additives and chemicals make the best snacks ^_^