Monday, March 07, 2005

A Self Discovery Weekend

Thank you to those who express concern for me because of my last post(s).

I have 'emotional knee jerk reactions' to situations.  I also wear my heart on my sleeve.  But as you can tell, I can be secretive and vague.  I'm this way because I don't like to impose on other people.  So I guess that's really what my last post was about.  Read more [+/-]

Something happened last night that made me sad.  It was insignificant, but poignant because it reminded me of every situation in the past that made me feel the same way.  I probably read too much into it and made too many assumptions, because I'm sometimes irrational like that.

The fact of the matter is that I had a wonderful weekend.  For me to rant and rave about something insignificant when compared to all that's happened makes me selfish, greedy, and inconsiderate.  It's also unfair to everyone who made my weekend fun.

I was invited out with D., C., and L. on Saturday.  What's better than talking about boys with three girls over a brewsky?  Maybe having a boy... but talking about them comes a close second!  I was even able to convince D. and L. to accompany me to a gay bar.  It must have been painful for them to be in a room with all those cuties with them having no chance at all.  Come to think of it, it was for me!

I woke up still a little buzzed on Sunday, but excited to take Michael, the Kentucky boy, his Anthony, and his Dan to Dim Sum in Chinatown.  After a fully satisfying meal, we had some almond cookie ice cream and I took them on a little tour of Chinatown before heading up to see what remained of The Gates in Central Park.  Late afternoon was spent watching that Tad Hamilton movie and having Anthony's heavenly home-made pineapple-upside-down cake with vanilla ice cream.  The night ended with a wonderful dinner with my family and an hour at the gym.

So you see, there's really nothing to worry about.  I'm just emotional sometimes.  And at other times, I can't see the forest for the trees; but I'm learning to focus on the important stuff.


Jess said...

We all get too emotional sometimes. That's not unusual, but it's good that you're now focusing on what was good in the weekend.

One question, about Michael, "his Anthony, and his Dan." Dan? I beg your pardon? They're now a 3-way relationship? How did I miss this?!Wow. My life seems so boring now!

GrooveTheory said...

I guess you left out the comment section on your last post, but honey, I'm the queen of drama. As a matter of fact, I'm the Queen of the Drama Queens ohh-kayyy?! :) But I'm glad ur feeling much better.

You know, I have yet to hangout at Chinatown. Be amongst my peeps ;)

Anonymous said...

just enjoy what you have.
it's that simple and yet it's the hardest thing to do

-ma ;)

Jon said...

Did you end up going to Splash? And a big yum for the dim sum- hey, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. Man, that was lame

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Well, Jess: I think a word was missing: my GUEST, Dan, visiting from Nashville. Jase: now that those ugly-ass gates are being removed, THAT will help you see the forest, the forest in Central Park, that is....THANKS for being a great tour guide in Chinatown! I simply MUST learn more about things south of 50th Street.