Thursday, October 06, 2005

Careful Out There in NYC

There's a "credible threat" (via for all you subway riders out there.  Remember, "If you see something, say something."

Most important of all, Don't panic!  Just be wary of every brown person you see out there with a backpack.

Also, this just in: Record Anti-Muslim Racists Poppin' Chubbies.

Story in the NYTimes.


Jon said...

Ugh- those random bag searches at major stations they did shortly after the London bombings really got on my nerves. I suppose they'll bring those back....

Deviant said...

((gasp)) did you see me walking around the subway today??

I totally haven't gotten stopped ONCE. Those coppers won't catch me alive!

And just for the record, you are way more niggerish than I am.

Miss Marisol said...

Yeah, I see something...Look! There's a bunch of fearmongering going on! Who should I tell?

Yet another reason to cab or walk it.

GrooveTheory said...

Should I start driving again to the city. Dammit! Just when I'm getting so comfortable with the subway!

I can't believe you dissed Kevin ... well actually, he deserves it for calling us the Chink Nation! LUV U KEV!