Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Blogiversary!

Woohoo!  It's been a year since I moved from xanga and started this blog and I'm still here!  Check out the post I made that very first day!

Yea, well, I didn't say it was a good post.

Luckily, my posts have gotten much more interesting since then (if I have to say so myself); from meeting Augusten Burroughs to my coming out to living my life the way I want to and meeting some really great bloggers.

And OMG!  I just saw a big black wretched rat in my new apartment!  And by big I mean tiny.  And by rat I mean mouse.  And by wretched I mean I killed it (it ran behind a box and I squealed like a schoolgirl as I pounded the box against the wall with a broom).  And then my big straight man of a roommate picked it up, pretended to eat it, and put it in an empty spaghetti sauce jar (with some cheese of course; we had to give it a proper burial).

Eep!  That's enough excitement I've had for tonight!


Jon said...

Woo hoo! It's been almost a year since you started stalking me ^_~ Kidding.

About the mouse, I always find them cute. But not when it's in your home. You killed it? I would've just taken it out to the street and let it go. But then again, it probably would have just found another way back into your building

Matt C. said...

Sunday afternoon, some stupid bird left a freshly killed sewer rat on my balcony. Unfortunately, it was big and wretched.

Does that mean I'm "marked" now? Like in the Godfather?

GrooveTheory said...

Awww ... Happy Blogiversary!

Ok, you have to admit, that word does not sound pretty. It will never make it to Webster.

Anyhoo, I just checked out my first post. I posted about watching Ghostbusters! YAH! Uh huh! We all definitely improved! :) ROFL

re: you "Big wretched rat". I can actually see you pounding the damn "rat" with the broom while screaming :) LOL Or was that me?


Matt C. said...

Doh! Where are my manners? Happy Blogiversary. I'm glad I stumbled upon your site, Mr. Potato Queen. You're TOPS!

jOjo said...

wait... you're gay?

Wayne said...


Ops. :)

Happy Blogiversary!

Tuna Girl said...

Happy blogiversary! Can you belive you've been doing this for a year? And I got to meet you when you were a newbie. (And still in the closet, which I had no clue about.) ;-)

Steve said...

Happy Blog-a-Versary. And this is the second blog I've read today about somebody and their encounter with vermin. I would've screamed like a little girl, too. Ew. *twirls hair*

TribecaT said...

Happy 1 year! There will be more to come.

Check this link out.

Glenn said...

Happy Blogday! Lovely mouse pic. Send your roommate to a link about hanta virus.

TCho said...

Sometimes I see rats, and I'm like "whoa. That rat could kick my ass."